Local Employer Visits

Year-round (Dates TBD)

The Local Employer Site Visits expose you to select career paths, industry trends, organizational cultures, and industry expectations during the spring semester. The site visits also provide with you an opportunity to expand your network with professionals in our local area. By attending, you will gain insights into differentiating yourself with employers and transitioning to the workplace, all in the local Binghamton area.

2017 Local Employer Site Visits included organizations, such as: BAE, M&T Bank, Modern Marketing Concepts, Raymond Corp., Riger Marketing Communications, Cleaner's Supply, Traditions at the Glen, Binghamton Rumble Ponies, Binghamton Devils, Worldwide Sports Supply and WBNG-TV.

  • How to Register for Employer Visits

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  • Information Sessions
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  • Do's and Don'ts During Your Employer Visits


    • Take notes
    • Display enthusiasm and appreciation
    • Write down names of the professionals
    • Dress professionally: Suits Only!
    • Bring your resume and portfolio...you may or may not hand it out but it's best to be prepared
    • Research the firm you are attending
    • Prepare well thought-out questions
    • Arrive 20-30 minutes prior to the visit
    • Meet the group in the lobby
    • Bring your photo ID
    • Stand out and make the most of these opportunities
    • Ask for contact information if the opportunity arises, as we do not provide contact information unless the hosts state you can get it from us
    • Leave the visit with the entire group
    • IMPORTANT - Check your hireBING profile to make sure it is accurate. Your hireBING profile will shift and it may not be accurate. You can manually change it.
    • Use professional etiquette at all times


    • Wait until the end to ask a question
    • Wait until the end to engage with professionals
    • Be late
    • Be distracting in any manner (play on your phone, fall sleep, etc.)
    • Go up to the visit without a staff member‚Äč
    • Ask for a job and or internship - unless they discuss open positions during the visit
    • You may ask the type of skills and or qualifications they look for in a candidate, or what makes someone successful at this company
    • Stay longer than the allotted time. Professionals need to get back to work and we do not want to overstay our welcome