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Photo of Olivia Holmes

Olivia Holmes

Professor, English and Medieval Studies

(Ph.D., Northwestern University)
tel.: (607) 777-2730

Areas of Interest

Medieval Studies, Early Modern Studies, Gender and Sexualities, Rhetorical Discourse, Italian Literature, Troubadours, Authorship, Book History


  • "Dante’s Two Beloveds: Ethics and Erotics in the Divine Comedy," 2008
  • "Assembling the Lyric Self: Authorship from Troubadour Song to Italian Poetry Book," 2000 (Winner of the American Association of Italian Studies Book Award)

Recent Book Chapters and Articles

  • “Virgil and Sordello’s Embrace in Dante’s Commedia: Latin Poeta Meets Vernacular Dicitore.” Mediaevalia 36/37 (2015/2016): 79-117
  • “Beyond Exemplarity: Women’s Wiles from the Disciplina Clericalis to the Decameron,” Boccaccio 1313–2013 (2015)
  • “Petrarch and his Vernacular Lyric Predecessors,” The Cambridge Companion to Petrarch (2014)
  • “Trial by Beffa: Retributive Justice and In-group Formation in Day 8,” special issue of Annali d’italianistica on Giovanni Boccaccio’s Decameron (2013)
  • “Sex and the City of God.” Critica del testo, special issue on Dante Today (2011)

Recent Courses Taught

  • Medieval 101: Introduction to Medieval and Early Modern Studies
  • Rhetorical Foundations: Rhetoric and Critical Theory from Plato to the Renaissance
  • Pre-modern Tales East West
  • Medieval Stories Saints Lovers
  • What’s Love Got To Do With It?
  • Dante’s Divine Comedy
  • Boccaccio’s Decameron
  • European Merchants and Other Medieval Travelers

Last Updated: 12/11/17