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Winston E. Black

Winston Black

Winston E. Black, Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of History, is a native of Wisconsin and received his undergraduate degree in English and Medieval Studies from Lawrence University and received his PhD from the Centre for Medieval Studies in the University of Toronto. His specialties are the history of the medieval church, and history of science and medicine in the Middle Ages, and he teaches courses on a range of religious, intellectual, and cultural topics in European history, ca. 300-1600. He is married to Emily L. Reiner, a CEMERS Adjunct Lecturer and Research Associate and scholar of medieval literature.

Professor Black will be teaching three courses of interest in the spring 2010 semester: Hist 205/MDVL 270D Cathedrals & Crusades-Medieval Europe; Hist 381T The Body in Medieval Science; and Hist 481T/Hist 552T Black Death & Medieval Society

Last Updated: 9/9/16