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Graduate Assistantship

The CEMERS Graduate Assistantship is awarded to an advanced Ph.D. student who is ABD (i.e., finished with course work and beyond qualifying exams) at the time of appointment. There are no teaching, administrative, or clerical responsibilities associated with this line. The duties of the Assistant revolve around the student’s own research and writing.

During the academic year, in addition to concentrating on his/her dissertation, the CEMERS GA is expected to attend CEMERS-sponsored lectures, symposia, and conferences, which will enrich the student’s experience with interdisciplinary scholarship and provide invaluable opportunities to establish contacts and exchanges with scholars in different fields and from other institutions. The CEMERS GA will also be asked to serve as liaison between visiting speakers, when on campus, and CEMERS faculty and students.

There is an office designated for the CEMERS GA, with a phone, computer, printer, and scanner. Located across the hall from the CEMERS office, it is next to the CEMERS seminar room and just down the hall from Bartle Library.

Nominations, which should come from dissertation advisors and include a letter of recommendation and the candidate’s CV, should be sent to the CEMERS Director.

If you would like to be nominated for this assistantship, please speak with your dissertation advisor.

Last Updated: 9/9/16