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Core members

David G. Davies, Center Director

Karin Sauer, Center Co-Director and head of the Research Steering Committee

Jeffrey Schertzer, Chair of the Outreach and Research Education Committee

Cláudia N. H. Marques, Chair of Finance Committee

Laura Cook, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

Peter McKenney, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

Jim Turner, Research Scientist, Small Scale Systems Integration and Packaging Center (S3IP)


Associated Members

Freshman Research Immersion Program

Caitlin J. Light, Research Assistant Professor


Mechanical Engineering

Paul Chiarot, Associate Professor

Timothy Singler, Professor

Pong-Yu (Peter) Huang, Assistant Professor

Congrui Jin, Assistant Professor

Xin (Frank) Yong, Assistant Professor


Electrical Engineering

Scott A. Craver, Associate Professor

Seokheun Choi, Assistant Professor


Biomedical Engineering

Guy German, Assistant Professor

Gretchen Mahler, Associate Professor



Chuan-Jian Zhong, Professor

Omowumni Sadik, Professor



Tim K. Lowenstein, Professor

Joseph Graney, Professor

Thomas Kulp, Associate Professor



Stephen Levy, Assistant Professor

Last Updated: 12/8/20