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Working with Microorganisms

January 8th – 10th
1 pm to 4 pm
Room B401 (within suite B300) of the COE building Health Sciences Core Facility.

The purpose of this workshop is to train BU students, staff and faculty in basic microbiology techniques. Attendees who successfully complete the training will be certified by the Binghamton University Institutional Biosafety Committee to work in BSL-1 and BSL-2 labs. The workshop will meet on 3 consecutive days for 3 hours each and focus on medium preparation and autoclaving, aseptic technique in the handling of microorganisms, determining the overall number and purity of bacteria in a sample, and stock culture preparation. No prior microbiology knowledge is required. Seats are limited. To register, please contact Courtney Kleeschulte at

Questions can also be directed to Dr. David Davies at

Last Updated: 12/30/18