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Center for International Business Advancement

The Center for International Business Advancement is an applied research and education center affiliated with the Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships. It is a policy forum with a mission to boost economic growth and job creation in New York's Southern Tier through increased global competitiveness of the region. The Center aims at achieving its mission by fostering international strategic partnerships - helping companies from the Southern Tier expand to international markets and acquire global competitiveness; and promoting foreign business investment and assisting foreign companies in their efforts to establish operations in the region.

Our Programs

  • Annual Global Trade and Investment Forum: Engage in discussions about current trends in the global economy and their impact on local businesses and communities
  • ExportNY Program: Learn how to increase your growth potential through successful exporting to international markets
  • International Strategic Partnerships & Southern Tier Soft Landing Program: Establish mutually beneficial partnerships with foreign companies that are interested in expanding to the U.S. market and setting up operations in the Southern Tier
  • Global Business Consulting, Training and Education: Prepare your employees for successful performance in a globalized economy

Get Involved

Interested in taking part in CIBA’s activities? Please contact Dr. Elena A. Iankova, CIBA’s founding director (; tel. 607-777-5069).

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