2021 Projects

Virtual Field Trip

The CIWS produced a virtual field trip guide for campus and community members! With 3 hikes to choose from, including:

1. Constructed Wetlands and Erosion 

2. Humans and Nature 

3. Vernal Pools

Students and visitors can use the guide to explore different parts of campus and learn more about the natural environment!


Nuthatch Hollow Watershed

The below video shows the outcome of a USC-CIWS collaboration project at Nuthatch Hollow!

USC crew members, lead by Jeremy Wadell, build erosional channels, dams, two new vernal pools, and performed a reclamation of the sites affected by equipment movement.

The results make campus even more sustainable and provide opportunities for research! For instance, sampling is currently being done to monitor water chemistry and sedimentary changes and future plans include surveys to monitor the pools for new amphibian and invertebrate colonizers.

You can read more about this exciting project here, a BingUNews article featuring CIWs' Prof. Joe Graney!