The Generative Culture Research Initiative

Life Writing

Life writing is eight weeks of private writing through the personal life story. Memories of significant and unresolved emotional experiences, including adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), are revisited, worked through and denatured of their power to detain us in fear of openness, self-expression and each other. The intervention can change the perception of self and others (including negative, prejudicial and hostile attitudes toward out-groups) and leave us feeling safe enough emotionally to connect and create.

Those who effectively complete life writing begin to function as nodes of positive change in their families, communities, places of employment and other settings. Life writing is a low risk, low-cost intervention with an extensive list of lasting benefits such as reduced stress, depression and anxiety; reduced symptoms of heart disease, asthma, diabetes, hypertension and arthritis; increased income stability and economic security; improved family relationships; and an improved capacity to be effective in any environment.

Our goal is disseminating life writing across the United States.

Professional Development

Your staff's own inner sense of psycho-emotional safety determines their capacity for the quality of personal presence that fuels real growth in those you serve. Contact us for more information about developing your staff's capacity for your important work.

Training Life Writing Facilitators

We train and certify life writing facilitators who can facilitate these transformative workshops in community organizations across the United States. Potential facilitators are selected from among human service professionals who have completed our professional development process. Contact us for more information.

Online Community

We aim to create a community of former life writers, life-writing facilitators and life writing facilitators-in-training. Creating our very own 'generative community' is of key importance to sustaining each other in this important work. We invite all who have completed life writing's integrative process to join us. Contact us for more information if you have already completed the life-writing process.

Contact us at lwriting@binghamton.edu.