Generative Culture Research Initiative

Life Writing

Through the Generative Culture Research Institute (GCRI), we aim to implement an award-winning process called 'life writing' at organizations that serve low-income urban and rural communities across the country. Our expertise is in individual human development, and our vision is to support strong and healthy individuals who naturally create and enjoy strong and healthy community together.

In the summer of 2018, the GCRI held its first certified life writing facilitator’s training institute at the College of Community and Public Affairs at Binghamton University. The GCRI will continue to train practitioners from community organizations to conduct this transformative and highly evidence-based process with the people they serve.

Generative communities are places of possibility for everyone.

The process and its benefits

Myra Sabir, associate dean and associate professor of human development at the College of Community and Public Affairs, talks about the process and transformative benefits of life writing in this video.