Signature Programs & Events

Pride Month

Student sign a Pride banner in colorful markers
Students sign a banner at a Rainbow Pride rally. Photography: Jonathan Cohen.

October is National LGBTQ History Month so we celebrate with Pride! Look for lectures, workshops, film discussions, field trips and more, all aimed at developing deeper knowledge, understanding, and ability to think critically about issues of sexual and gender diversity.

International LGBTQ Human Rights Lecture

Maurice Tomlinson and Canadian Priminister Justin Trudeau
2016 International LGBTQ Human Resource Lecture Speaker Maurice Tomlinson and crowd! Photography: Maurice Tomlinson.

In keeping with our "World Wise" reputation, sexual and gender diversity activists from around the globe are invited to campus to talk about their struggle to gain the most basic of rights. This lecture anchors our Pride Month programming in October. It helps us learn about the intersection of sexual orientation, gender identity, and human rights abroad as well as reflect on the status of sexual and gender diversity here in the U.S.

 Lavender Graduation

2016 Lavender Graduation Speaker Brian Patchcoski
2016 Lavender Graduation keynote speaker, Cornell University LGBT Resource Center Director Brian Patchcoski Photography: Jonathan Cohen.

The first Lavender Graduation ceremony was held at the University of Michigan in 1995. Dr. Ronnie Sanlo saw an opportunity to include many students who felt invisible during their college years and were skipping the official graduation ceremony altogether. Today, Lavender Graduation is a key component of commencement season at many campuses throughout the country. Following this tradition, our ceremony incorporates keynote speakers, entertainment, leadership awards, and rainbow tassels as we celebrate student success.