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Financial Support

Most first-year PhD students, who are taking a full course load, are funded through a teaching assistantship. These students also receive a full-tuition scholarship.

Currently, academic year (9 months) stipends for incoming students are $23,000. Typically, this is supplemented by $4,000 of summer support, bringing the total, full-year support to $27,000.

In subsequent years, after the student has joined a research group, funding will be provided through a research assistantship. This allows for a full-time research effort, and the faculty adviser assigns a project and provides the necessary facilities for the student to perform the project. A full-tuition scholarship is also awarded in these cases. In cases where the research group does not have funding, the student will continue to be supported on a teaching assistant position.

Academic year funding is guaranteed for four years, assuming satisfactory progress toward the degree. A fifth year of funding can be obtained based on availability. The median time to degree of our students is under 5 years.

Funding is not normally available for students studying for a master's degree.

Last Updated: 10/14/15