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Fall 2018 Colloquium Program

Location/Time:  CE Symposium Hall, 4 p.m. (unless otherwise noted)
Refreshments:  15 minutes before start time


Title of Talk
August 24 Dr. Brad Carrow
Dept of Chemistry
Princeton University
Mechanism-driven Catalyst Design for Sustainable Coupling Chemistry  Mathew Vetticatt
August 31 Dr. Todd Hyster
Dept of Chemistry
Princeton University
Radical Boicatalysis: Using Open-Shell Species to Unlock New Enzyme Function  Mathew Vetticatt
September 7 Dr. Tobias Hanrath
Robert Frederick Smith School of
Chemical and Biomolecular
Cornell University
Quantum Dot Solids: From Fundamental Insights into Assembly and Attachment Mechanism Towards Fabrication of Complex Hierarchical Superstructures  James Fang
September 14 Dr. Arindam Chakraborty
Dept of Chemistry
Syracuse University
When a Single Structure is Not Sufficient: A Random Matrix Theory Approach to Embedding
Noisy Environment for Calculating Molecular Quantum Mechanical Properties
Puja Goyal
September 21 Dr. Scott E. Denmark
Dept of Chemistry
University of Illinois
Lewis Base Activation of Lewis Acids:  An Evolving Paradigm for Catalysis in Main Group Chemistry

Eisch Lecture
Eriks Rozners
September 28 Dr. Shouheng Sun
Dept of Chemistry
Brown University
Synthetic Tuning of Nanoparticles to Achieve High Efficiency in Electrocatalysis James Fang
October 5 Shan Yan
Ph.D. Candidate
Dept of Chemistry
Binghamton University

Zachary Lebens-Higgins
Ph.D. Candidate
Dept of Chemistry
Binghamton University

Wearable Biosensores with Nanostructured Interfaces

Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering as a Probe of Oxygen Participation Across Layered Oxide Cathodes

October 12   No Colloquium
Fall Break
October 19 Dr. Nonye Onyewuenyi
Sandoz Inc.
A Norvartis Division
The Role of a Chemist (and Chemistry) in Drug discovery and Development
Process – from Concept to Consumption (Medicine Cabinet)
 Wumni Sadik
October 26 Dr. David Chenoweth
Dept of Chemistry
University of Pennsylvania
Design and Synthesis of New Chemical Tools for Probing, Manipulating, and Imaging Biological Systems Eriks Rozners
November 2 Dr. Scott Laughlin
Dept of Chemistry
Stony Brook University
Chemistry for Exploring the Brain: Fluorescent Probes, Engineered Enzymes, and Bioorthogonal Reactions  
November 9 Dr. Brian Miller
Dept of Chemistry &
Florida State University
Regulation of Enzyme Function by Intrinsic Dynamics  Brian Callahan
November 16 Dr. Gary Moore
School of Molecular Sciences
Arizona State University

Dr. Moore's website John Swierk
November 23   No Colloquium
Thanksgiving Break
November 30 Dr. Reza Khayat
Dept of Chemistry &
City College of New York
Dr. Khayat's website Sozanne Solmaz
December 7 Dr. Jeremy Baskin
Dept of Chemistry &
Cornell University
Dr. Baskin's webiste Brian Callahan

Last Updated: 11/9/18