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Spring 2019 Colloquium Program

Location/Time:  SN - Fountain Room, 4 p.m. (unless otherwise noted)
Refreshments:  15 minutes before start time


Title of Talk
January 25 Dr. Andy McNally
Dept of Chemistry
Colorado State University
Dr. McNally's website Mathew Vetticatt
February 1 Dr. Artem Melman
Dept of Chemistry and Biomolecular Science
Clarkson University
Dr. Melman's website Eriks Rozners
February 8 Dr. David Crich
Dept of Chemistry
Wayne State University
Dr. Crich's website Eriks Rozners
February 15 Dr. Alexey Akimov
Dept of Chemistry
SUNY Buffalo
Dr. Akimov's website Puja Goyal
February 22 Dr. Michael Nippe
Dept of Chemistry
Texas A & M University
Dr. Nippe's website Julien Panetier
March 1 Dr. Luis Velarde
Dept of Chemistry
University at Buffalo
Dr. Velarde's website John Swierk
March 8 Dr. Jonah Jurss
Dept of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of Mississippi
Dr. Jurss's website Julien Panetier
March 15 Dr. Joong Ho Moon
Dept of Chemistry and
Florida International University
Dr. Moon's website  Ming An
March 22   Spring Break  
March 29 Dr. Tianning Diao
Dept of Chemistry
New York University
Dr. Diao's website Julien Panetier
April 5 Dr. Jennifer Hirschi
Dept of Chemistry
Binghamton University
Dr. Hirschi's website  Eriks Rozners
April 12 Dr. Yan Yao
Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of Houston
Dr. Yao's website  Puja Goyal
April 19   Easter Break  
April 26   Passover Break  
May 3 Dr. Hailiang Wang
Dept of Chemistry
Yale University
Dr. Wang's webiste John Swierk
May 10 Dr. John Hartwig
College of Chemistry
UC Berkeley
Dr. Hartwig's website

Eisch Lectureship

Last Updated: 1/15/19