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Mark D. Poliks

Dr. Mark D. Poliks

Research Professor, Chemistry and Materials Science & Engineering

  • B.S./M.S. Chemistry & Mathematics, Polymer Chemistry (M.S.), The University of Massach, 1983
  • Ph.D., Materials Science and Polymer Science, The University of Connecticut, 1987
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Research Interests:

Development of a new "Center for Advanced Microelectronic Manufacturing" sponsored by the USDC and the ARL. Flexible Electronics -- roll-to-roll process research: coating, deposition, lithography, web stability, metrology, failure analysis and environmentally benign chemical processes.

Nanostructured materials and composites for advanced integrated electronic packaging and small-scale systems.

Novel process methods of joining and lamination for dense flexible electronic composites.

Molecular engineered polymer films and composites for fundamental studies on thermal interface materials (with E. Cotts).

Environmentally conscious materials: studies of thermal degradation of reworkable thermosetting resins and characterization of bio-based plastic films.

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