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Webinar Series hosted by Chemistry Faculty

On November 14th, Chemistry Professor Ming An and 2 of our current graduate students hosted the Department’s inaugural webinar, which offered a detailed view of the Chemistry Department's graduate program. A rebroadcast of the webinar is available here. Upcoming webinars will focus on current research activities in the department in areas including Biophysical Chemistry to Materials Chemistry.

You can view  the recorded webinars by clicking on the following links:

  • November 14th -  Professor Min An (Organic) gives an overview of the department's graduate program.
  • January 15th - Profesor Christof Grewer (Biophysical)  gives highlights of the admissions process and a discussion of his current research.
  • January 22nd - Professor Wunmi Sadik (Analytical, Environmental) discusses her current research. 
  • January 29th - Professor Wayne Jones (Inorganic, Materials) discusses his current research. 
  • February 5th - Professor Eriks Rozners (Organic, Bioorganic) discusses his current research. 

Last Updated: 9/21/16