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Research Areas

  • flexible electronics board
  • nano-fibers
  • paper sensors
  • fuel cell membrane

Students in the program will work for ten weeks on projects in one of three main research areas: energy generation, energy storage, or energy management. These projects range from the development of advanced battery electrode materials and nanomaterials for supercapacitors, to thin films for advanced solar cells and photovoltaics. Further information about research topics and the involved faculty are provided below.

In addition to participating in research, students will benefit from professional development programs focused on science communication, careers in science and engineering, time management, interviewing skills, and graduate school.

Energy Generation 

photo of Jeff Mativetsky

Jeffrey Mativetsky
Organic solar cells; nanomaterials; nanoscale electrical properties


photo of Sherry Towfighian

Sherry Towfighian
Energy harvesting from mechanical vibrations; triboelectric generators


photo of Tara Dhakal

Tara Dhakal
Earth-abundant solar absorbers; perovskites; buffer layers for thin film solar cells


photo of Roxana Margine

Roxana Margine
Ab initio modeling; superconductivity; two-dimensional materials


Scott SchiffresScott Schiffres
Heat transfer


photo of Julien Panetier

Julien Panetier
Artificial photosynthesis, computational modeling


Energy Storage

photo of Stan Whittingham

Stan Whittingham
Lithium battery; energy storage


photo of  Louis Piper

Louis Piper
Li-ion batteries; transparent conductors; x-ray spectroscopy


photo of  Sean Choi

Sean Choi
Bioenergy; biobatteries


photo of Chuan-Jian Zhong

Chuan-Jian Zhong
Catalysis; fuel cells


photo of Manny Smeu

Manny Smeu
Multivalent ion batteries; computational modeling


photo of Ana Laura Elias


Ana Laura Elias
Hydrogen evolution; 2D materials


photo of Bill Bernier


Bill Bernier




photo of Puja Goyal

Puja Goyal

Organic batteries, computational chemistry





photo of Hao Liu

Hao Liu
Battery structure-function relationships

Last Updated: 11/10/19