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Spring 2019

photo of Christof Grewer

Christof Grewer
Instructor Chem 108
SN 1042


photo of Clarice Kelleher

Clarice Kelleher
Instructor Chem 111
S2 221


photo of Steve Murphy

Steven Murphy
Instructor Chem 108
S2 223


photo of Benajmin Turnpenny

Benjamin Turnpenny
Instructor Chem 108
Chemflix Videos
S2 222


photo of Simon Tong

Simon Tong
Instructor Chem 102
S2 220


Alexsa Silva
Directory of Instruction
and Outreach
S2 123


Mary Bridge
General Chemistry Lab Coordinator
S2 117


Quintin Klenchik
General Chemistry Lab Technician
S2 111

Which Chemistry Class is right for you?

Spring 2019

Chemistry 102: Introduction to Chemistry 2

Second semester course of a two course sequence where students focus on the knowledge of chemistry and gaining a background appropriate for a professional career such as nursing, social sciences or management. (pre-requisite Chem 101)

Email '' to get answers to any questions you might have about this course.

Chemistry 108: Introductory Chemical Principles 2

Second course of a two course sequence for the fundamentals of chemistry. This is appropriate for science majors and pre-health specialties.

Email '' to get answers to any questions you might have about this course.

Chemistry 111: Chemical Principles

A one semester general chemistry course for science and engineering majors.

Email '' to get answers to any questions you might have about this course.


Homework and Practice Problems


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Online/assigned work can be found here, such as homework, prelab and post lab questions.


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Where can you get general chemistry support?

General Chemistry Office Hours

Office Hours

TAs and Faculty are available throughout the week. No appointment necessary just stop by during any of the office hours!


Active Center Photo


Are you struggling with the basics in general chemistry? Do you feel under-prepared for the course?  Contact the Dr. Kelleher to discuss the ACTIVE Center.


chemflix photo


Do you want to go to office hours, but never have the time?  Dr. Turnpenny offers practice problem office Hour videos available from for students in Chem 108.


chemical equation

PS Chemistry

Practice problem solving sessions for Chem 107/108/111 guided by former general chemistry students.

Last Updated: 4/3/19