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Careers in Cinema

Graduates of the program are well-prepared to pursue advanced degrees or enter the workforce as independent filmmakers, cinematographers, editors and more. Though our students aren’t specifically trained for industry work, they can succeed in that area with the education they receive at Binghamton University.

LINKS TO: Film/Video Databases, Distributor Databases, Film & Video Screen Spaces in NYC, Film & Video Labs, Young Video & Filmmaker Grants, Journals, Jobs & other resources.

Our alumni include Pulitzer-Prize winner Art Spiegelman; two major film critics, Jim Hoberman and Amy Taubin, both at The Village Voice; the most influential film programmers in New York City and San Francisco, Mark McElhatten at the Lincoln Center and Steve Anker at the San Francisco Cinematheque; and at least half a dozen independent filmmakers who have made their mark in the avant garde, in major festivals and in major television series such as PBS’s POV.


Our faculty is notable group of filmmakers and scholars with diverse backgrounds in:

  • experimental and avant garde cinema
  • film noir
  • documentaries
  • digital video and multi-media
  • history and theory of film
  • related arts such as painting, sculpture, photography

Their awards include Independent Film Channel’s Independent Spirit Award and the New York Film Expo’s Gold Award for best experimental film, as well as prizes from festivals such as the San Francisco International Film Festival, the London International Film Festival and the Black Maria Festival, to name a few.

Facilities & Equipment

Our cinema facilities feature ample spaces and computer programs for students to create or edit their media projects, as well as up-to-the minute equipment cinema majors can borrow. These include:

  • studio and performance spaces
  • audio and video editing labs
  • a digital still-photo lab
  • animation
  • a sound studio


Courses in our program range from a focus on the technical aspects of filmmaking, such as Video and Filmmaking or Advanced Image Manipulation, to the study of film as art with classes including From Bombay to Bollywood, Contemporary Chinese Theater and Facets of the Documentary.

Visiting Artist's Series

Every year our program invites an innovative, inspirational group of visiting artists to speak on campus. These filmmakers often have varied backgrounds in experimental film, photography or documentaries. Previous speakers have included artists whose works have been screened at the New York Film Festival, the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum, and a winner of the Sundance 2005 Best Documentary prize.

Harpur Cinema

Since 1965, when it was started as the Harpur Film Society, Harpur Cinema has been seeking to bring to campus a range of significant films that in most cases would not be available to local audiences. Our program is international in scope, emphasizing foreign and independent films, as well as important films from the historical archive.

Cinema Department Alumni

Thomas Gaeta (Fall 2006):

Working for a corporation outside of Boston, MA that sells Engineering Software to huge companies like Reebok, Tyco, BMW, AUDI, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, the US NAVY, and many more.  Still taking pictures, watching as many films as I can, and even shooting my own short films.

Zach Meyer (Spring 2008):

Writing screenplays for a film team

Ian Hetherington  (Spring 2008):

Continuing his education at NYU, working towards a Master's degree in Cinema Studies.

Kelly McCrossan (Spring 2008):

Attending California Institute of the Arts for MFA in Film and Video

Jack Wilson (Spring 2008):

Represented Binghamton University as a student filmmaker in the Hollywood Shorts film festival. "Diner" Flew out to Hollywood on August 6th to see it play with films starring Jessica Biel, David Arquette, and Josh Brolin's directorial debut. You can check it out on their website,
Production Assistant and photographer in Boston.

Yuichiro Yamada (Spring 2006):

After he graduated in 2006, worked briefly for a Japanese movie Director, Masayuki Suo, who made "Shall we dance?"   Then came back to the U.S. to study at SUNY  Buffalo.   Selected as a Liberace scholar for 2008 to 2009.   Focusing on dance film and documentary.

Steve Major (Spring 2006):

Stephen Major graduated in 2008 with an MFA in Film Production from the University of Miami. He is currently pursuing a career in nonprofit development.

Laura Bennett (Spring 2008):

Attending the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the fall for an MFA in Film  and Video.

Christina Morano (Class of 2003):

Since she left Binghamton she interned at a few small production companies, and ended up at WLIW (the sister station of wnet).   She worked there for about three years as an associate producer/ editor on a bunch of shows. Then she was offered a job as a producer for a Wine series. Currently she is freelancing and working part time for MarbleVision were she directs and edits a weekly local television show.   Also produces/edits freelance on many WLIW programs, and works closely with a couple of producers on television shows, commercials, documentaries, promotional videos, etc for various clients. She also helped to start up a film camp called Fred's Films. There are kids from ages 12 to 18 come to a farm in Hamilton, MA and learn film making and a little bit of film theory. She lectured on Avante Garde Cinema and editing.

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