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Cinema Department News

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Faculty News

Prof. Tomonari Nishikawa’s 16mm film, “Amusement Ride,” was shown at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sep. 7, 2019.

Prof. Ariana Gerstein’s film, “upCycles,” was screened at FIVAcc: Festival Internacional de Videoarte Cultivamos Cultura in Portugal on Aug. 26, 2019.

Prof. Vincent Grenier had a solo screening at Cornell Cinema on Apr. 11, 2019.

Prof. Monteith McCollum's film "In a Free Sound Field," was shown at the Ann Arbor Film Festival, on Mar. 31, 2019.

Prof. Daïchi Saïto's film, "Engram of Returning," was screened at the Rubenstein Arts Center at Duke University on Apr. 12, 2018.

Cinema Alumni & Students News

(Cinema Alumni and Students: Please contact Eric Pritchard, our department secretary, if you want us to post your announcement here.)

Benjamin Patch (class of 2018) screened his film "Astray" at the 2019 International New York Film Festival and received the Best Student Short Award.

Sara Holand (class of 2020) showed her video "The Sound of Rome" at the 2019 Centrally Isolated Film Festival at Cornell University.

Xiaobing Wu (class of 2020) showed her 16mm film "Never Sleep, Ever Awake" at the 2019 Lux et Lex Film Festival in the Other Room Theatre at Franklin and Marshall College, which was also shown at the 2019 Centrally Isolated Film Festival at Cornell University.

Sabrina Tenteromano (class of 2018) showed her film "Blue Days and Pink Days: Or, What Does It Mean To Dream?" at the 2019 Centrally Isolated Film Festival at Cornell University.

Aleksandr Rikhterman (class of 2015) screened one of his documentaries, "Khammouane Vertical" at the 2018 Friday Harbor Film Festival as part of their explorer selection and it won Award of Merit in the documentary short category.

Michael Chernak (class of 2015) has been working on a video series titled "Home, A Queer Cooking Series," which has been featured in Bon Appetite, Food & Wine and NowThis News. You can read the articles from the links below.

Bon Appetit
Food & Wine
NowThis News

Steven Canals (class of 2005) wrote a script for a TV Series "Pose," which is scheduled to begin production in February in New York and slated to premiere on FX in summer 2018. You can read more about it from the link below.


Ken Jacobs Scholarship Awards

2019-2020: Brittany Mazzi & Brittaney Skavla
2018-2019: Erin Dyer & Wenhao Fu
2017-2018: Nicholas Michalski & Ye Sin Kim
2016-2017: Emily VanLoan & Jenna Brady
2015-2016: Yerang Kang
2014-2015: Michael Chernak & Jingwei Li
2013-2014: Garrick Givens & Casey McCabe
2012-2013: Ryan Kimiecik & Samantha Abramovitz
2011-2012: Julia Jin
2010-2011: Andrea Kula & Peter Jordan
2009-2010: Jared Sussman & Eliane Ceballos
2008-2009: Nathan Ely
2007-2008: Laura Bennett & Brian Murphy
2006-2007: Dayna Moses
2005-2006: Jonathan Gettinger
2004-2005: Jarmar Banks & Dylan Dullea
2003-2004: Michael Lieberman & Miles McNulty
2002-2003: Tomonari Nishikawa
2001-2002: Joyce Oates
2000-2001: Peter Bianco & Madison Brookshire
1999-2000: Kristen Santarsiero
1998-1999: Sang-Hee Park, Aaron Nye & Matthew Thompson

Summer Scholars and Artists Program Awards

Jingwei Li
Project Title: From the Stars - Documentary about Autistic People in China

Alexander Leiss
Project Title: Banners in the Sky Documentary

Joshua Chorman
Project Title: Sustained glancing: Road-kill

Patrick Schechter
Project Title: Documentary on Marconi Tower

Foundation Award for Creative Work in Cinema (1979-2008)

2008: Jack Wilson
2007: Russell Peborde
2006: Alexandra Levashvili
2005: Ilya Shnitser
2004: Christopher Greene
2003: Joyce Oates
2002: Madison Brookshire
2001: Peter Bianco
2000: Ryan Heyner
1999: Sang Hee Park
1998: Hyangmee Bak
1997: Tamami Asada
1996: Yuk Yiu Ip
1995: Karen Jedrysik
1994: Susan Brunig & Vadim Genin
1992: Jason Detrani
1991: Ariana Gerstein
1990: Daniel Liss
1989: Stephen Grietzer
1988: David Vertino
1987: Stacy Rammacher
1986: David Gresalfi
1985: Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto
1983: Jan Novello
1982: Katsutoshi Murabe
1980: Paul Wood
1979: Kevin Crane


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607-777- 4998

Last Updated: 9/30/19