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Spring 2019 Visiting Film & Video Artists & Speakers Series

Lecture Hall 6 at 7:30pm (unless otherwise noted)

All events are free and open to the public.

Sponsored by Cinema Department & Harpur College Dean's Speakers Series.
Note that some events occur on Tuesdays and others on Thursdays.

Thursday March 14, 2019
Jodie Mack

Jodie Mack is an experimental animator who received her MFA in film, video, and new media from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2007. Combining the formal techniques and structures of abstract/absolute animation with those of cinematic genres, her handmade films use collage to explore the relationship between graphic cinema and storytelling, the tension between form and meaning. Musical documentary or stroboscopic archive: her films study domestic and recycled materials to illuminate the elements shared between fine-art abstraction and mass-produced graphic design. The works unleash the kinetic energy of overlooked and wasted objects and question the role of decoration in daily life. Mack's 16mm films have screened at a variety of venues including the Ann Arbor Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Images Festival, Projections at the New York Film Festival, and the Viennale. She has presented solo programs at the 25FPS Festival, Anthology Film Archives, BFI London Film Festival, Harvard Film Archive, National Gallery of Art, REDCAT, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale, and Wexner Center for the Arts among others. Her work has been featured in publications including Artforum, Cinema Scope, The New York Times, and Senses of Cinema. She is an Associate Professor of Animation at Dartmouth College and a 2018/19 Film Study Center Fellow at Harvard University.

"The Grand Bizarre, is the culmination of Mack's many varied interests and experiments to date. Shot in a dozen countries, the film finds Mack's trademark, color-coordinated textiles dancing across a variety of exotic locales (India, Mexico, Holland, Morocco, and Turkey represent just a partial itinerary) through a meticulous process of frame-by-frame photography and practical production magic. Playful and propulsive, Mack's animations conjure an array of visual patterns, which in turn generate a multitude of motifs that together speak in potent shorthand to the economic and industrial development of fabric manufacturing the world over." – Jordan Cronk, Film Comment Magazine

The event program includes:
The Grand Bizarre (60.5 min., 16mm, 2018)

Tuesday April 2, 2019
Vincent Grenier

Vincent Grenier has made experimental films since the early seventies, and his films have been shown in the United States, Canada and Europe at showcases such as the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, the Anthology Film Archives, the Pacific Film Archives, the Collective for Living Cinema and Cinéma Parallel in Montréal. His films and videos have earned him nine production grants from the Canada Council in the period between 1974 and1992, and in New York State, from CAPS (1979), NYFA (1995), ETC (1992 & 1994), NYSCA (2007-2008) and John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship (2010-2011). He has made over two dozen films and since the late 90's more than a dozen videos. Many of these videos were chosen in yearly selections of Grenier's work at key avant garde film festivals such as Views from the Avant Garde of the New York Film Festival , the Rotterdam Film Festival, in the Netherland, the Onion City Film Festival, Chicago, and Media City Film and Video Festival, Windsor, Ontario. Grenier's films and videos were the subjects of retrospectives at Media City, Windsor, Ontario and Images Film & Video Festival's Canadian Images Spotlight, Toronto, both in 2006. Seven of his films & videos were curated in the Whitney Museum of American Art 1970-2000 American Century Film program. Films by Grenier are included in the Donell media library in NYC, the National Film Archive, Ottawa, the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, AGO, Toronto and at many other institutions in Canada and the US.

"If Grenier's work provides pleasures both anticipated (the formal beauty and exacting eye of a great media artist) and unanticipated (the many contradictions, misprisions, and perceptual paradoxes the works induce), his films and videos also seem to want to tell us, in very direct ways, that those pleasures are only partly of the artist's making. They are also accidental and given to chance; they are also freely available. And so in a way, I think Vincent Grenier's work, if I may call upon one of the hoary old saws of the avant-garde, aims to "teach us how to see," but in ways a bit different than how that concept has been trotted out in the past by mythopoets and structuralists alike." – Michael Sicinski, Moving Image Source

The event program includes:
Watercolor (12.5 min., digital video, 2013)
You (12 min., 16mm, 1990)
Closer Outside (9.5 min., 16mm, 1981)
Color Study (4.5 min., digital video, 2000)
Tremors (13 min., 16mm to HD, 1984)
Intersection (7 min., digital video, 2015)
Commute (6.5 min., digital video, 2018)
Tabula Rasa (7.5 min., digital video, 1993-2004)

Tuesday April 16, 2019
Alexandra Cuesta

Her films and videos combine experimental film traditions, documentary practices, and visual anthropology. Often, her images depart from the public sphere, and investigate the reciprocity of the gaze in time based representation. Documenting the invisible, discerning the familiar within the unfamiliar, her work highlights the poetics of the common experience. As film scholar and critic Nicole Brenez states, Cuesta's cinema has the capacity to unveil, within Merleau-Pontian terms, "the astounding 'gloria' of the ordinary". Some of the ideas she explores include the construction of place, instances of displacement, structures of time, and cultural diasporas. She was recently awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship and a MacDowell Colony Fellowship and residency (2018). Her most recent film Territorio (2016), premiered in the Official Selection of the FID Marseille Film Festival in France in 2016. It has screened at numerous festivals, museums, and galleries, most notably the Viennale International Film Festival, The Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles MOCA, First Look Festival at the Museum of the Moving Image, BAFICI, Bienal de Arte Contemporáneo de Cuenca, the Ann Arbor Film Festival, and the III Fronteira Festival Internacional Do Filme Documental E Experimental in Goiania- Brazil, where it received a Special Jury Award. Most recently, Territorio was selected among the 25 best Latin American films of 2017 by Cinema Tropical.

"Alexandra Cuesta's experimental films and videos are poetic documents of people and public spaces. Her newest work, Territorio (2016), is a series of portraits of the people of Ecuador photographed in their environment. Progressing as a series of fragments, life plays before the camera while the subject of each shot holds a pose. Just as Walter Benjamin once described the effect of the long exposure times of early photography as teaching 'the models to live inside rather than outside the moment' such that 'they grew as it were into the picture,' in Cuesta's film, the duration of each shot invites her subject to grow slowly into the image over time even as they respond directly to the presence of the filmmaker." – LA Filmforum

The event program includes:
Territorio (Territory) (66 min., digital video, 2016)


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