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Lecture Hall 6 at 7:30 (Unless otherwise noted)

Series sponsored by Broome County Arts Council
All artists will be on hand to present their works.

Series sponsored by the Filmmakers Co-Op
All Shows are free and open to The Public

Wednesday,  February 24 - Special Time—10:05 a.m.

Todd McGowan

Maternity Divided: Avatar and the Enjoyment of Nature

Todd McGowan teaches film and critical theory in the English Department at the University of Vermont.  He has written books on the intersection of psychoanalytic theory, German Idealism, cinema, and literature.  They include The End of Dissatisfaction (SUNY Press, 2004), The Impossible David Lynch (Columbia University Press, 2007), and The Real Gaze: Film Theory After Lacan (SUNY Press, 2007).  He was also the co-editor (with Sheila Kunkle) of Lacan and Contemporary Film (Other Press, 2004).  He has just finished a book on the idea of a temporal cinema and a book on the political implications of psychoanalytic theory.  He is now at work on a book analyzing the importance of the lie in the films of Christopher Nolan.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Naomi Uman

Former private chef to Malcolm Forbes, Calvin Klein and Gloria Vanderbilt, Naomi Uman recently traded in her eggbeater and oven mitts for a 16mm Bolex and acid resistant black rubber gloves. Naomi’s work is marked by her signature handmade aesthetic, often shooting, hand-processing and editing her films with the most rudimentary of practices. Naomi's films have been exhibited widely at the Sundance and Rotterdam International Film Festivals, The New York Film Festival, and the San Francisco International Film festival among others; she has also screened her work at The Guggenheim Museum, The Whitney, The Smithsonian, and Mexico City's Museo de Arte Moderno. She currently resides in Mexico with her small dog, where she teaches workshops in handmade filmmaking at the Fine Art Museum in Mexico City. The Ukrainian Time Machine is a series of four sixteen millimeter films that will combine personal, experimental and non-fiction approaches to capturing life in the Ukrainian town of Uman.

Tuesday,  March 23, 2010

Nicky Hamlyn

Professor Nicky Hamlyn is a filmmaker and writer. His work has been shown at venues and festivals around the world. Recent screenings include the Royal College of Art, London (2006) and the New York and Toronto International Film Festivals (2007). He has had one-person shows at San Francisco Cinematheque, Pacific Film Archives, Berkeley and Double Negative, Montreal (2007).

His book Film Art Phenomena (2003), a survey of experimental film and video, is published by the British Film Institute. Recent publications include an essay on the American filmmaker Stan Brakhage's Roman Numeral Series of films (Stan Brakhage: an American Filmmaker, Temple University Press, 2004) and on Peter Kubelka's film Arnulf Rainer (The Classic Avant Garde, Edinburgh University Press/Rodopi, 2007). He also writes for the journal Film Quarterly.

In his most recent work, produced on an artist's residency in Toronto, Nicky has been concerned with exploring and trying to refine the relationship between the camera and its profilmic. All the films are silent and have been made frame by frame, in the manner of animation, and include rural and urban landscapes and domestic interiors.

Tuesday,  April 6, 2010

Tony Conrad

Tony Conrad (b. 1940) teaches on the media study faculty of SUNY at Buffalo.   Over the last twenty years he has been especially active in video.   His work with music composition and performance started while he was a mathematics student, after which he was associated with the founding of "minimal" music and "underground" film.   His movie The Flicker is one of the key early works of the "structural" film movement.   His art videotapes are widely seen, and he has produced more than 250 programs for public access cable in Buffalo.   Conrad performs his recent music regularly at festivals, clubs and new music venues in the US and Europe.        

"Tony Conrad is a pioneer, as seminal in his way to American music as Johnny Cash or Captain Beefheart or Ornette Coleman, one of those really savvy Old Guys whom all the kids want to emulate because their ideas, their style are electric and new and somehow indivisible."   --Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Totally uncompromising ... a marvel."   -- Artforum
"The perfect sound."   -- Chicago Reade
"Brilliant."   -- New York Times

These artists’ screenings are funded in part by Presentation Funds from the Experimental Television Center, which is supported by the New York State Council on the Arts. Series is co-sponsored by Harpur College Dean’s Speaker Series.
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