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Visiting Artists

 Spring 2011 

Cinema Visitors Series

At Binghamton University

LECTURE HALL 6 AT 7:30 (Unless otherwise noted) 

Series sponsored by the Filmmakers Co-Op

All Shows are free and open to The Public

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Robert Todd


“Since 1989, Boston-based filmmaker Robert Todd has been quietly developing one of the most distinctive bodies of work in the American film scene. Todd’s beautifully shot films draw together documentary and experimental elements; they don’t hew to a single, clearly defined style, but nevertheless show a consistency of poetic vision, spirit, and purpose. Through suspended moments of reflection and anticipation, Todd’s films explore the difficult-to-define emotions engendered by the stresses of civilization.” – Cinémathèque Ontario


Robert Todd is a Boston-based filmmaker as well as a sound and visual artist. In the past twelve years he has produced over 40 films that have been exhibited internationally at a wide variety of venues and festivals including the Media City Festival, San Francisco International Film Festival, Rotterdam International Film Festival, New York Film Festival, Les Rencontres Internationale (Paris/Berlin), Black Maria Film Festival, Nouveau Cinéma in Montréal, Cinémathèque Ontario, the Harvard Film Archive, Pacific Film Archive, the Paris Biennial, Slamdance Film Festival, and others. His films have won numerous festival prizes, grants, and artist's awards. He has taught film production at Boston College, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Art Institute of Boston, University of Massachusetts, and the Boston Film and Video Foundation.


He received a B.A. from Tufts University, B.F.A. from School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and an M.F.A. from Tufts University. He is currently Associate Professor and Director of Media Arts at Emerson College.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Deborah Stratman




“When she raises her camera, seeing is already thinking. Yes sure there is the raw delight in watching the light well up inside the body of the visible, but always these views are pointed (in the Roland Barthes sense of the punctum, they are sharp, they poke, they wound their viewer, which is her first of all, and then us.)


She has tried on different kinds of making, there are documentaries about street racing in Chicago, a circus troupe in China, and found footage missives which take aim at a gendered divide, and more besides. She is not like a boy who casts the same variations of fingerprint again and again, and yet, at the same time, in all her work there is a quality of watchful attention, an outraged politic, an experience lived through the body and searched out again through her camera double.”

-       Mike Hoolboom, Millennium Film Journal No. 50


Deborah Stratman is a Chicago-based artist and filmmaker whose work plies the territory between experimental and documentary genres. Her films and frequent work in other media, including photography, sound, drawing and sculpture often explore the history, uses, mythologies and control of highly varied landscapes: from Muslim Xinjiang China, to rural Iceland, to gated suburban California. She recently completed trilogy of works that collectively address concepts of the paranormal in the information age, and is currently working on a film about "freedom" which ruminates upon elevated threat, patriotism, wilderness and the possibility of personal transcendence. Stratman teaches in the School of Art & Design at the University of Illinois at Chicago.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Melika Bass


Songs from the Shed


A fractured, makeshift family ekes out a meditative existence, their lives mysteriously

intertwined through ritual and habit. Part musical, part melodrama. An enigmatic tale of

eternal return, a decayed slice of Midwestern Gothic.


Melika Bass hails from North Carolina and Virginia. She earned an MFA in Film, Video, and New Media at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a BA in English Literature from Earlham College.


In 2010, her film Songs from the Shed garnered the Kodak/Filmcraft Imaging Award for Best Cinematography at the Ann Arbor Film Festival.


Melika currently lives and teaches in Chicago.


In 2008, she received a Media Arts Fellowship from the Illinois Arts Council, as well as an Artadia Award.

These artists’ screenings are funded in part by Presentation Funds from the Experimental Television Center, which is supported by the New York State Council on the Arts. Series is co-sponsored by Harpur College Dean’s Speaker Series.
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