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The Cambridge Handbook of Korean Language and Linguistics 


Time Table

May 31, 2018               Submission of first drafts to editors
September 30, 2018   Submission of peer reviews to editors
December 31, 2018   Submission of final drafts (including index) to editors
January 31, 2019   Submission of final manuscript to CUP



Please use this stylesheet. The paper size is Letter. Format your manuscript as simply as possible. Fancy formatting is wasting time because it will be changed by typesetters.


Chapter Length

Please aim at 10,000 words. The limit of each chapter is 10,500 words. 


Copyright Permission

You're responsible for getting necessary permissions for third party materials used in your manuscript. Even if you created the material, but you used it in another book or journal article, you may not be the copyright holder.

Last Updated: 9/23/18