AV Services Policies

Policy for Classroom Support

(EFFECTIVE 01 January 2015)

We are committed to maintaining a responsive support model within the parameters of resources available to us. Nearly all 140 general purpose classrooms on campus possesses an installed telephone with our help-line (607-777-4757) labeled on the phone. Instructors who experience difficulty with installed technology may call our help-line for guidance to resolve a majority of common issues. We are only able to staff our phone support team with student labor. Every attempt is made to employ and train the most qualified undergraduate members available.

Unfortunately, technology will occasionally fail and our ability to resolve an issue via phone support will be unsuccessful. When this happens, help-line staff will log the issue in our help desk database; our professional technicians are alerted and electronic receipt of the "ticket" created is emailed to the instructor reporting the issue. We understand how technical difficulties can affect class time and every effort is made to address any malfunction as soon as possible. However, there are restrictions that govern when our technical staff can access locations. Classrooms must be unoccupied at the time of any diagnostic/repair procedures

To maximize the utilization of our professional resources and engage the most effective support service model, issues reported outside of the room in question, away from the problem, will be logged for a site visit only. Attempting to register an issue from outside the specific location (after the fact, from a different location) hinders our ability to respond to more immediate issues. Reporting issues as they happen is the most effective way to ensure maximum uptime of classroom technology.

Policies for Provision of Equipment

(EFFECTIVE 01 September 2012)


To outline terms, limitations and obligations of equipment loans and services provided by Audiovisual Services.

The following guidelines are used to control and regulate the prompt circulation and appropriate use of Binghamton University's Audiovisual Services equipment. Violations of stated policies are disruptive and will warrant fines or revocation of borrowing privileges.

Equipment Loans


  • Equipment Loans are limited to internal, active Binghamton University Faculty, Staff and Students.
  • Requests must be in person or via phone at 607-777-5505 between 8:30am and 4pm.  No requests will be taken outside of these hours.
  • Requests for equipment MUST be received no later than 3:00 p.m. the business day before intended pickup.
  • All equipment is reserved on a first come/first served basis.
  • Clients are limited to 1 item within an inventory group.
  • Individual departments are limited to 5 within a group.
  • Maximum loan period is 3 business days (including day of pickup).
  • Clients may not renew/extend a reservation and must also wait two weeks before they are eligible to borrow same device.
  • Equipment you are scheduled to use will be available so long as the previous client returns it on time and without damage.
  • Unless prior arrangements have been made, equipment not picked by the end of the day that it is reserved for will be canceled. Failure to cancel a reservation, that subsequently is not picked up, will be recognized as a completed order and the two week buffer rule would apply.


  • All clients MUST display a valid Binghamton University ID card at the time of equipment pick up.
  • Clients must sign a borrowing contract that outlines terms of equipment loan.
  • Clients are encouraged to inspect equipment with Audiovisual Services staff to be sure that any damage or signs of abnormal wear and tear are noted before equipment is signed for.
  • It is the responsibility of the client to ask for proper setup/operating instructions, if they are not already familiar.


  • When equipment is returned to Audiovisual Services, it will be inspected for any damage or missing accessories. Any missing cables or damage will be billed to the client.
  • Equipment is due back at 3pm on the 3rd business day from loan.


  • No charge for academic purposes.
  • AV supplies. See Rates.


  • Any borrowed equipment not returned by the scheduled return time will accrue a fine of $50.00 per day, commencing twenty-four (24) hours after the return time.
  • Clients will be responsible for FULL replacement cost and have their borrowing privileges revoked if delinquency exceeds one week!
  • Borrowing privileges permanently revoked if more than three delinquencies occur within a given academic year.


  • Any equipment damaged, lost or stolen will require full financial restitution. Clients understand and agree they will be financially obligated for replacement or repair costs to return the component back to good working order.


  • All confirmations, late notices, etc, will be sent electronically to the client's Binghamton University email account. Clients are responsible for setting up email forwarding from their Binghamton account if this is not their primary email account.