Spring 2017 Events

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Managing Difficult Classroom Situations and Students in Crisis

Friday, January 27th, Noon - 1:30PM

Sometimes students present behavioral challenges that may require intervention. Representatives from the University Police, Dean of Students, and Ombudsman will share with you methods of identifying students in crisis and give you the information you need to deal with the student or refer him to campus resources. Please provide questions that you have in the comments section of the registration form so we can address those specific situations.

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Teaching Quantitative Problem-Solving Skills

Friday, February 10th, Noon - 1:30PM

Have you ever spent a class period artfully teaching a problem-solving process, asked your students if they had any questions, and received none? Thinking you did a wonderful job explaining the process, were you shocked that students were unable to complete their homework assignments independently? Often times, this is of no fault of the students, who are suffering from the fluency illusion. As you are illustrating the process, they genuinely believe they will be able to replicate the thinking and procedure independently.

In this session, we will introduce you to one active-learning method you can use to combat this illusion known as Thinking-Aloud Pair Problem Solving (TAPPS). Developed by Lockhead and Whimbey (1987), this problem-solving collaborative structure is a means of enhancing problem-solving skills by verbalizing to a listener one's thoughts.

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STEM Accessibility Workshop 

Friday, February 24th, Noon - 1:30PM 

This workshop is designed to provide STEM faculty and staff members with an overview of accessibility as it pertains to STEM content. SSD's Adaptive Technology Specialist, Natalie Phelps, will be demonstrating conversion techniques to ensure accessible STEM content using LaTeX, MathML, MathType, as well as demonstrations using InftyReader as a conversion tool for inaccessible PDFs. Once material is converted, adaptive technologies such as Kurzweil, a Text-to-Speech software program and JAWS, a Screen Reader software will be demonstrated in reading the accessible STEM content.

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Did you know... about FERPA?

Tuesday, March 7th, Noon - 1:00PM

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a U.S. Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. Do you know what this means regarding sharing information about your students? Director of Student Records Amber Stallman will talk about the ins and outs of this law and how it pertains to your classroom.

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New Tutoring Process Supplemental Instruction

Friday, March 10th, Noon - 1:30PM

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a learning enhancement program originally developed at the University of Missouri at Kansas City. The program has been adopted at over 100 institutions of higher education as a method of improving student learning. SI targets high-risk courses instead of high-risk students and offers assistance on an outreach basis in regularly scheduled, out of class sessions. Scott Bennett, Associate Director of the Discovery Program, will introduce you to the basic concepts behind this new service offering for Binghamton University. 

Did you know... about Academic Accommodations?

Wednesday, March 22nd, Noon - 1:00PM 

Academic accommodations for students can take many forms, ranging from designated note takers to sign language interpreters to testing accommodations. Do you know your responsibilities when a student presents an academic accommodation letter to you? The staff of the office of Services for Students with Disabilities will be on hand to discuss how you can ensure all of your students will have the best chance to succeed.

Building Emotional Intelligence into the Curriculum

Friday, March 24th, Noon - 1:30PM

Emotional Intelligence is all about becoming mindful of your emotions so that you can better work with others. Some research is showing that social media and other online communication channel are increasing narcissism in youth. When they reach us in higher education, they may not be aware of how they come across to friends, classmates, faculty, and others at the University, which can directly impact their academic performance, especially in group activities and projects. This session will provide an introduction to the basics of Emotional Intelligence and its research as well as ideas and resources that you can use in the classroom to introduce the concept to your learners.


Did you know... about Panopto?

Wednesday, March 29th, Noon - 1:00PM

Panopto is the new way to add video to your Blackboard course. Aaron Phelps from the University Center for Training & Development will show you how to record, upload, caption and manage videos on our hosted environment.

Student Panel

Friday, April 28th, Noon - 1:30PM 

Join the Center for Learning and Teaching for an interactive panel presentation and discussion for current Binghamton students. Our panelists are a diverse group of undergraduate and graduate students that will talk about their classroom experiences. See the world through the student’s eyes as we discuss course learning outcomes, practices, assessment, expectations, frustrations, and technology use.

Event Recording available on the Student Voices page.

Summer Reading List

Wednesday, May 3rd, Noon - 1:30PM

What better time to reflect on your teaching than the summer? This event will introduce you to various resources that you can use in your future course development and professional development. The CLT will provide you with a list of books, articles, sites and journals for summer reading and discuss other resources that have made an impact on participant’s learning and teaching. This list will cover concepts such as: managing large lecture courses, creating assessments, developing online courses and content, creating accessible content, promoting engagement and active learning, and creating and leading discussions and group activities.

Reading List

University Downtown Center Events

  • Tuesday, February 28th, Noon - 1:30PM - Tools and techniques for captioning videos (in conjunction with SSD)

  • Thursday, March 16th, Noon - 1:30PM - How to Use Panopto

  • Thursday, April 6th, Noon - 1:30PM - Vendor Demo

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