Harpur Program on Online Teaching Pedagogy

Harpur Instructors

Summer 2024 instructors required to complete the training during the Spring 2024 semester will be contacted directly.

Successful completion of the Harpur Program on Online Teaching Pedagogy is REQUIRED before instructors are allowed to teach online/hybrid courses in Harpur College, unless the instructor applies for, and is granted, an exemption. 

Exemption Request Form for the Harpur Online Teaching Pedagogy Program

The Harpur Dean's Office will consider petitions for exemption from the program and will contact the instructor via email with a decision.

Instructors who have previously completed the Harpur Online Training or the CLT's Teaching Online Certification Program are not required to do so again. If you have any questions, please contact Kaitlin Maynard.

Attendance Policy

The program consists of a fully online course in Brightspace. As per your online teaching contract, you must complete this course in order to successfully complete the program. Your course will be canceled if you fail to successfully complete the program or gain an exemption prior to the start of the course.  


In this course, we will discuss pedagogical approaches to teaching online and hybrid courses and effective organization, communication, and management of online/hybrid courses. This course consists of 7 units, each with several lessons. Every unit contains various types of content (text, video, etc.) that you will interact with and one or more assignments to complete. Participants will also have the opportunity to learn the basics of the Brightspace LMS and features. 


  • Unit 1: An Introduction to Online Learning and Teaching
  • Unit 2: Organization and Planning
  • Unit 3: Making Your Course Accessible
  • Unit 4: Creating Assessments
  • Unit 5: Including Engaging Course Content and Activities
  • Unit 6: Building Communities Online
  • Unit 7: Creating Inclusive Classrooms Online

Session Dates, Location, and Registration

This is a self-enrollment course located on Brightspace. 

Directions for accessing Harpur Online

  1. Login to Brightspace. 
  2. Click Discover in the main navigation bar. 
  3. Select the Harpur Program on Online Teaching Pedagogy.
  4. Click Enroll in Course

Course Completion

To earn the certificate of completion for this course, you must complete the following:

  • Earn at least an 80% on each unit quiz
  • Complete the Brightspace Training Assignment

Once you have completed all that is listed above, your certificate will appear under Awards in the course navigation. You can generate a PDF of this certificate by clicking on the certificate name and selecting generate. 

Program Completion & Due Date

Completion is due by May 2, 2024 for those instructors teaching in the Summer 2024 term.

At the close of the program, the Harpur Dean’s office is sent the names of those who have successfully completed the program. These individuals’ online/hybrid courses will be approved. Any online/hybrid courses lacking instructors who have either successfully completed the training or been granted an exemption by the Dean’s office will be canceled.