TOCP v. Harpur Online

Requirement/Feature Teaching Online Certification Program (TOCP) Harpur Program on Online Teaching Pedagogy (Harpur Online)
Participants Applications available to all instructors. Preference given to those instructors already scheduled to teach online. Required of all Harpur Online/Hybrid Graduate Student Instructors (unless exemption is approved)
Completion of Online Course in myCourses

You will complete a self-paced course in myCourses. This course models one way that you can design your own online course. There are 7 units, each requires approximately 2 hours to complete. Each unit has a number a readings, multimedia content, and a discussion.

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myCourses Learning Management System (LMS) Training

Participants must complete or test-out of the myCourses LMS training available as an organization in the myCourses platform.

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Attend Individual Consultations

You will consult with an Instructional Designer throughout your online course design process. These consultations are meant to check the progress of the course you are building and to answer questions.

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Build a Complete Online Course

You must build a complete online course (where applicable - syllabus, assignments, assessments, readings, discussions, lecture videos, etc.), regardless of whether or not you will actually teach the course.

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Complete an Online Course Content Review

A faculty member from your department will review and sign-off on the content of your course. Upon registering for the program, you will be asked to provide the name and email address of this reviewer; please be sure to check with your reviewer before you provide their name.

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Complete an Online Course Design Review

This step must be completed a minimum of 10 days prior to the start date of your course.

There are a few steps in this review:

  • Complete a Self Review (i.e. Evaluation) & a Course Profile
  • Your Instructional Design Consultant will provide an Instructional Design Review
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Meet the Minimum Acceptable Standards

Your course must fulfill all essential criteria as designated in the OSCQR course review rubric. Should your course not meet these criteria upon initial review, you will be to update/modify your course.

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Face-to-Face Session - Attend Community of Practice in Online Learning

In this session we will: discuss how to manage your online course once it is live, review the OSCQR rubric which be used in evaluating your course design, share ideas for online activities and assessments, share experiences on the course development process with each other.

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Faculty members will receive $1000 and Graduate Students will receive $500 upon successful completion of the program.

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