Academic Continuity in The Event of an Emergency Situation

Testing Accommodations

Authorized accommodations still apply in the online environment. Please contact Services for Students with Disabilities with any questions. 

How to Extend Time on Blackboard for Exams

For more information, visit Test availability exceptions on the Blackboard Help site. 

  1. Make sure Edit Mode is on.
  2. Next to the test name, there is a drop-down menu. Left click on the drop-down menu and click Edit Test Options.
  3. Under Test Availability in the Set Timer section, click the box, and set a time for exam for students who do not require extended time (example: 60).
  4. Under Test Availability Exceptions, click Add User or Group. This step will show all students registered in the course. Select the student for which you need to extend the test time. Click Submit.
  5. There will be a check-box that shows the test was already set to 60 minutes. Here, you can manually change the time for the selected student (example: 60 to 90 minutes). Click Submit at the bottom of the page.

How to Make Accommodations in TopHat

Visit Making Accommodations with Top Hat Test for instructions. 

Should you require further assistance with Top Hat, you will need to contact Top Hat's Support Team at, the in-­app support button, the "Contact Support" button on this page, or by calling them at 1-888­-663­-5491.