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Center for Learning and Teaching

Recording Classes and Other Events on Campus

If you would like to record your class or a guest speaker, you have several options.

Option 1: Dedicated Panopto Recorder

Panopto is a video creation and content delivery solution used by Binghamton University. This solution is meant to provide Binghamton University educators a system for creating, uploading, and streaming video. There are several rooms with a Panopto recorder.

Public Rooms 

Contact Calvin Larrabee in AV Services (607-777-5505) to set up a recording in public rooms.

Semi-public rooms

To record in the Learning Studio, LN1324, contact the Center for Learning and Teaching.

  • LN1324

Private rooms

  • Eng J15
  • Eng J23

Option 2: Self-Recording

If you are in a space that does not have a Panopto recorder, contact Aaron Phelps in the UCTD for training on using the Panopto software in your personal computer. You have the option of borrowing USB devices from AV services as well. 

Option 3: Video Production Company

If you are having a large event, a marketed/promoted event, a conference, etc. EdComm is happy to help you coordinate a video production company to come stream, record, capture your event. Cost is roughly in line with catering. Several groups that have held conferences on campus have taken advantage of this option. 

Last Updated: 4/4/18