Learning Management System Pilot

Why We Are Evaluating

The myCourses Users Group and the Center for Learning and Teaching are evaluating the current Learning Management System (LMS) landscape. Binghamton University has been using Blackboard as our LMS since 2000. As needs and tools change over time, it is important to continually evaluate them to ensure they are still meeting the needs of our students and instructors.

Pilot Goal

The pilot will allow instructors and students to use, evaluate, and provide feedback about three alternative LMSs to our current LMS, Blackboard Learn. This feedback will then be used to determine future directions for the campus.

Fall 2018

  • Campus demos of selected LMS options.
  • Instructor participating in the pilot will build courses in the pilot platforms with the assistance of vendor, CLT, and ITS. Pilot is limited to 20 instructors per product.

Spring 2019

  • Classes taught in the three systems and compared to control group of courses taught within the current myCourses/Blackboard Learn system.
  • Faculty and students surveyed. Select faculty interviewed for in depth feedback. 

Fall 2019

  • Begin the RFP process.

Spring 2020

  • Select LMS.
  • If changing the LMS is the desired outcome, begin training of faculty and transitioning of courses.

Fall 2020

  • Full implementation of the selected LMS. 

LMS Pilot Planning Committee

The LMS Pilot Committee consists of faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students from across the university. 

Please contact Andrea MacArgel, LMS Pilot committee chair, if you have questions or concerns.