Faculty - Activating Panopto in myCourses

Enable Panopto Inside myCourses

By default, myCourses courses are not linked to Panopto and must be manually linked. Panopto's terminology for creating a link in a myCourses course is called provisioning directly from a course.

Creating a Panopto folder for a myCourses course will automatically set up access for instructors and teaching assistants to be able to create content and only enrolled students are able to view the content.

If there are multiple sections of the same course, you should merge the courses before enabling Panopto to provision the course. Otherwise, each course will need to be enabled and linked separately.

1. Inside your course on myCourses, click on the Tools link.

Click on Tools


2. Under the Tools area, click on the Panopto Content link.

Click on Panopto


3. Click on the Configure button.

Click Configure

Note: By default, a courses in myCourses are not auto-provisioned with Panopto and must be linked manually. 


4. Click on the Add Course to Panopto button.

Click on Add Course to Panopto


5. A success message will appear to verify that a folder has been created and provisioned. When you've finished reviewing the list of names, click the OK button.

Click OK

Optional: Connecting Past and Present Courses

If you want to use Panopto content from a previous course in your new myCourses course, you need to be sure to complete an extra step before finishing the provisioning process. If you don't want to connect courses, then skip to step 8.

6. Select the previous course from the Available Folders menu on the left.

7. Click the Add button to move the folder(s) to the Selected Folders menu on the right.

Click folder name then add

8. Click the Submit button.

Click submit

Accessing Panopto

All recordings will be listed in your Panopto course folder. 

Videos Folder Example