Faculty - Controlling Content Availability

By default, Panopto will automatically make your uploaded videos available to your students in myCourses. If you do not want your students to see your videos right away (i.e. you may want to upload videos for future release, etc.), the follow the instructions below to set the availability of your upload.

OPTION 1: If you want to set your COURSE PANOPTO FOLDER to auto-hide uploaded content

  1. Login to your myCourses Course.
  2. Click on the PANOPTO VIDEO link on your Course Menu OR if you do not have a PANOPTO VIDEO link, click on Tools > Panopto Content. 
  3. Click on the settings icon for your main course Panopto folder (it looks like a gear and is located to the right side of your screen)
  4. In the new floating window that appears, click on SETTINGS.
  5. Under the AVAILABILITY area of settings, choose NEVER from the list of options.
  6. Close the Settings window to save your changes (via the ‘X’ in the upper-right corner of the floating window).

When you are ready to make uploads available to your learners:

  1. Click on the SETTINGS link when hovering over one of your Panopto videos.
  2. Choose NOW from the options listed in the new floating window under AVAILABILITY.

OPTION 2: If you want to set ONE VIDEO to be hidden after upload

  1. Login to your myCourses Course.
  2. Click on the PANOPTO VIDEO link on your Course Menu.
  3. Click on the settings link when you hover over the video. A new window will pop-up. Scroll to the bottom.
  4. Under AVAILABILITY, choose the STARTING option and enter a date and time for when you want the upload to become available to your students.

NOTE: By setting an entire Panopto folder's content to be unavailable by default, you then have the option of making single uploads available by choosing NOW from the Availability options (see Option 2 steps above).