Summer Session Academic Information

Student Complaint Policy

Students wishing to file a complaint should follow the procedures outlined in the University Bulletin under "Academic Grievance Procedures." Students taking courses through a distance-learning format may also file a complaint with their home state agency. The State Higher Education Executive Office (SHEEO) has provided a directory of student complaint information by state and agency.

Student Authentication Policy

At Binghamton University, distance learning students must log into a secure portal using a customized user id and password. All students who enroll in courses at Binghamton are authenticated through an identity management system that provides a unique user name and password for access. Without these identifiers, students cannot register for classes or access university tools for distance learning. The university's policies regarding academic honesty and acceptable use of Information Technology Services include penalties for unauthorized use of another individual's name and password and for cheating on examinations. (For more information, please see ITS acceptable use policy, and the academic honesty policy in the University Bulletin). In addition, some academic units offering distance learning classes use proctored exams. Instructors of distance learning courses are encouraged to require students to acknowledge the acceptance of these policies in course syllabi and in online materials provided for the course.

Credit Limits — Undergraduate

Undergraduate students may not register for more than 8 credits in either Term I or Term II. Students may not register for more than 16 credits during the combined terms of the entire Summer Session. (Please include HWS courses when calculating the maximum allowable credit hours).

Exceptions to these credit limits are few and must be approved by an academic adviser in the appropriate school for undergraduate students and by the Graduate School for graduate students. All courses in the summer schedule of classes are offered for 4 credits unless otherwise noted. Full-time status for the entire Summer Session is 16 credits.

Credit Limits — Graduate

Graduate Students are limited to a small number of overall credits. See the Graduate School Manual for details.

Dropping a Course or Withdrawing from a Semester

Students who wish their records to indicate good standing when dropping a course or withdrawing from a semester must follow formal drop and withdrawal procedures since mere absence from class does not constitute due notice of drop or withdrawal. Students who stop attending a course for which they are registered are liable for payment unless the proper drop or withdrawal forms are submitted and approved.

In general, any Summer Session student may drop a course* up until the published drop deadline. Students wishing to withdraw from a course should refer to the withdrawal procedure**, as well as the withdrawal deadline for Summer Session.

* Note: While the procedural information provided on these pages is appropriate for Summer Session, the dates/deadlines/timeframes listed on these pages don't apply to Summer Session. Review the Summer Session calendar for that information.

** Note: Beginning Friday, May 17, students can drop their last class for summer. A Withdrawal Form is NOT required.

Prior to this date, students can e-mail requesting their class(es) be dropped. E-mail request must come from the student's official Binghamton e-mail address and must include the CRN or subject and course name of the class(es) being requested to be dropped and your B number.

Cancellation of Courses

Because of the regulations governing the Summer Session, courses that do not meet the minimum enrollment targets are ordinarily canceled. The Summer Session Office cannot guarantee that every course listed in the BU Brain schedule of classes will actually be taught.

Independent Study, Thesis and Dissertation Courses

Students enrolling in non-classroom courses such as independent study, thesis and dissertation research, etc., must be registered for these courses by the appropriate dates (see Summer Calendar). Arrange for registration by contacting the department offering the course.


Internship programs offer an excellent opportunity to gain practical experience along with academic credit. Every field is represented, structure is flexible, and best of all, you can take your internship anywhere in the United States. For more information regarding the types of internships available during Summer Session, please contact the appropriate academic or career and professional development department.

Education Abroad

The Office of International Education and Global Initiatives provides information on study-abroad opportunities; some programs include service learning and internship experiences. Summer study-abroad offerings include programs organized by Binghamton University and other SUNY campuses, which allow students to consider options in over 50 countries. Walk-in hours are provided Monday through Friday when classes are in session. Visit our website or call 607-777-2336.

Auditing a Course

Students may audit a course with the consent of the instructor, who determines the requirements for participation by auditors. Students who take a course as an auditor may not receive credit for it later unless they retake the course. A student must file a Course Audit Petition and be approved to audit any course. Audit forms are obtained in the Financial Aid and Student Records office. Completed audit forms must be submitted to the Financial Aid and Student Records office by the add deadline for that specific term of Summer Session. Auditors must follow regular Summer Session registration procedures and make appropriate tuition and fee payments.