UTC Guidelines

 Abbreviated Guidelines for Students and Faculty:

  • Making a Reservation

    Faculty can request an appointment for their students to take an exam at the University Testing Center through the online reservation system available through their myBinghamton account. Directions on how to use the form can be accessed on our New Software Training page.

    The UTC requests two (2) business days notice for exam requests, whenever possible. Appointments are processed based on availability and therefore cannot be guaranteed. Exams with advanced notice are more likely to be accepted.

    Include in this form:
    • any pertinent exam instructions
    • any accommodations permitted to your student for this exam
    • the best way to reach you if there are questions during the exam

    Once the request has been submitted and approved, UTC staff will send confirmation emails to the instructor and student.

    Faculty will be responsible for ensuring that the exam arrives at the UTC in either of the following ways:
    Faculty will be responsible for securing receipt of the exam after it is completed in either of the following ways:
    • The professor (or designee) may pick up the exam from the UTC, Monday – Friday, 9am-4pm.
    • The professor may choose to have the UTC email the exam to the instructor within 48 hours of administration. (See Electronic Exam Materials Policy)
  • Instructor Responsibilities
     Instructors must:
    • Follow the "Making a Reservation" guidelines above
    • Submit reservation requests through myBinghamton portal.
    • Facilitate the prompt arrival and collection of exam materials.
    • Be available during the exam to promptly answer student questions.
    • If the instructor becomes aware of any errors in the exam submitted to the UTC, makes any announcements in class, or in any way changes the administration of their in-class exam – these updates must be reported to the UTC immediately.
  • Student Responsibilities
     Students must:
    • Provide disability accommodation letters to instructors, if applicable.
      • The UTC does not determine testing accommodations.
    • Arrive ten (10) minutes prior to appointment time.
      • Consequences for late arrival may include a shorter testing session and the possibility that you will be unable to take your exam.
    • Bring a photo ID (driver's license, student ID, passport, etc.) as proof of identity.
    • Provide their own pencils, pens, calculators, etc., as appropriate.
    • Turn off any electronic devices and leave them, along with any personal belongings including notes or study materials, with the proctor before beginning the exam.
      • Cell phones must be silenced or turned off. Vibrate is not an acceptable alternative.
    • To ensure exam confidentially, the UTC will collect all materials brought to or generated during the exam. Students are advised to make photocopies of any supplementary materials before coming to the UTC.
    • Students exhibiting disorderly or disruptive conduct that interferes with the normal operations of the UTC or infringes on the rights of others may be barred from testing with our office and subject to additional disciplinary procedures.

    A complete list of guidelines, including behavioral expectations, will be included with your appointment confirmation email.

Additional Information:

  • Students disregarding Center guidelines, acting suspiciously, or suspected of cheating will be reported to the instructor and may face disciplinary action.
  • Students can ask Testing Center staff for clarification on instructions only. Testing Center staff will contact the instructor with any questions or concerns brought to their attention during test administration.
  • The UTC is closed and proctoring is unavailable during University Holidays and when classes are cancelled due to inclement weather.

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