Software Training

To make an exam reservation appointment,
the instructor of record must log on to their
myBinghamton account.

Please note: only the instructor listed in Banner can make appointments utilizing this software - graduate students, departmental secretaries, and teaching assistants cannot make appointments due to restrictions from our Student Records office.

Tutorial Video

Step-by-Step Directions:

  • Step 1 - Log on to
    Log on to your myBinghamton account with your PODS username and password.
    Screenshot of PODS login screen


  • Step 2 - Academic Services:
    Click on the tab labeled “Academic Services” as circled below:
    Screenshot of My Binghamton webpage


  • Step 3 - UTC Room Reservations:
    Click on the tab labeled “UTC Room Reservations” as circled below:
    Screenshot of Academic Services tab


  • Step 4 - Select A Course:
    Click on the course for which you would like to make a reservation.
    Screenshot of main page of UTC Room Reservation module


  • Step 5 - Instructions:
    You will be directed to the "Instructions" tab automatically. This contains some simple directions on how to proceed with the software and should be used as a quick reference guide.
    Screenshot of UTC Reservation Instructions tab


  • Step 6 - Contact Information:
    At the beginning of the semester, instructors must go to the "My Info" tab and update their contact information. Be sure to indicate your preferred method of contact and click the green "Save" button when you are finished.
    Screenshot of UTC Reservation My Info Tab


  • Step 7 - Entering Exam Information:
    While you may create reservations at any time during the semester - instructors are highly encouraged to enter their exam information on the "Exams" tab at the start of the semester.  This is information that may already be on your syllabus. You do not need to plan exam dates prior to this submission.
    To enter exam information, click the green "New Exam" button on the top right portion of the "Exams" tab window as shown below:
    Screenshot of UTC Reservation Exams Tab
    This will open a new window to input exam information.
    Screenshot of UTC Reservation New Exam Window
    After you create your first exam, some of this information (bathroom breaks, tardiness, authorized designees, etc.) will autocomplete for any additional exams in this course. At this time, exam information does not "roll over" from semester to semester.


  • Step 8 - Student Information and Appointments:
    After exams have been created and student accommodation letters have been received, instructors may begin making appointments. To begin, click on the "Students" tab to see a class roster.
    Screenshot of UTC Students Tab
    Instructors can search for a student by scrolling through the list or typing the students first and/or last name in the search box. *Please note that this list is automatically populated by Banner. If you cannot find a student's name, they may have withdrawn from the course - please verify enrollment before contacting the UTC
    Once you have found your student's name, click on them to open the student reservation window.
    Screenshot of UTC Students Window
    This screen will be used to enter accommodations and appointment date(s) and time(s). Accommodations entered into this form will autocomplete for any future reservations for this student for this specific course. If this student is enrolled in more than one course with the same instructor, their initial accommodations must be entered separately as they do not transfer between courses or between semesters.
    Instructors may schedule students for multiple exams at once by using the "+" and "-" symbols shown here:
    Screenshot on adding exams
    Proctoring hours are listed underneath the "When should the student begin their exam?" response box for your convenience.
    Once exams have been entered, instructors should carefully read the agreement statement at the bottom of the window and then click the green "Submit" button.
    To make reservations for additional students, repeat this step until all appointments have been made.


  • Step 9 - Reviewing Reservations
    Instructors may review their submitted reservation requests through the "Reservations" tab.
    Screenshot of UTC Reservations Tab
    Clicking on the reservation will allow you to review all of the information submitted to the UTC.
    Screenshot of UTC Reservations window
    This screen is not editable. If you need to make a correction to an existing reservation, you must contact our office by emailing us at or calling us at (607) 777-2014.


For additional assistance, including in-person guidance, please contact the
University Center for Training and Development.