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Winter Session Payment and Aid

Tuition and Fees

  NYS Resident Non-Resident Undergraduate
Undergraduate $278 per credit hour $898 per credit hour
Graduate $453 per credit hour $925 per credit hour
MBA Program $613 per credit hour $1016 per credit hour
Doctor of Nursing Practice $1016 per credit hour $1340 per credit hour
Master of Social Work $545 per credit hour $925 per credit hour
Doctor of Pharmacy $1077 per credit hour $1519 per credit hour
Winter Comprehensive Fee - UG $34.15 per credit hour $34.15 per credit hour
Winter Comprehensive Fee - Grad $39.40 per credit hour $39.40 per credit hour

Note: Review the Residency Determination section of the Student Accounts office website for information on residency requirements and tuition billing. You may also contact Student Accounts at 607-777-2702. All tuition and fee rates are subject to revision by the University without notice.

Billing Information

  • You can pay for your Winter Session courses online.
  • Student Accounts sends bill statement notifications electronically to your Binghamton e-mail account. No paper bills are sent.
  • The payment due date will appear on this statement. Payments made after the due date will incur a Late Payment fee.
  • Bills statement notifications are sent to the registered student. If the student wants a parent or guardian to also be sent a billing statement notification electronically, the student must add that person an an authorized payer. Please refer to the Student Accounts webpage.

Refunds Due to Dropped or Canceled Courses

If the University cancels a course, full tuition and fees are refunded. If a student drops a course, the refund is based on the date the course is formally dropped, either in the registration system or by completing a drop form and submitting it to the Student Records Office. Please visit the Student Records Office webpage for more information regarding course add/drop and withdrawal procedures:

Tuition Refund Schedule

Below is the link to Student Accounts Winter Session schedule Dec. 18, 2017 thru Jan. 12, 2018.

Tuition Refunds and Adjustments.

Contact the Student Accounts Office for more information for courses offered with a shorter duration.

Financial Aid

Binghamton University does not provide financial aid for Winter session. Contact our Financial Aid Services Office with any questions.

Last Updated: 12/19/17