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Daniel Williman

Daniel Williman

Professor emeritus of Latin and History
LMS (Licentiate in Mediaeval Studies) of the Pontifical Institute for Mediaeval Studies, Toronto, 1969
PhD in Medieval Studies, University of Toronto, 1973

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A member of the Binghamton faculty from 1974 to his retirement in 2007, Daniel Williman remains a busy and productive researcher in medieval Latin literature and historical archives. Dan Williman has been married since 2003 to his colleague in medieval Latin manuscript studies Karen Corsano. They carry on in collaboration the research and writing that began for both in graduate school in Toronto in the late sixties, especially in the Vatican Archives, for the history of the papal court at Avignon in the fourteenth century, and in a score of European libraries, to discover the pre-modern provenances of their manuscript collections. Taking a holiday tour in records just a century old, in 2014 they published John Singer Sargent and His Muse: Painting Love and Loss. They have a joint website at with links to some lecture videos.

Books of hours left


Two sides of a page of prayers from a fourteenth-century lady's Book of Hours, on parchment. Prayers commemorating the sisters of the Virgin Mary, Saint Catherine, and St. Barbara are picked out in red and the capital initials, done in powdered gold, are surrounded by blue and violet lace work.

--from the private collection of Karen Corsano


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