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Saul LevinSaul Levin

Distinguished Professor of Ancient Languages, Emeritus
PhD in Classical Studies, University of Chicago, 1949.
BA, University of Chicago, 1942

A member of the Binghamton faculty since 1961, Saul Levin is widely recognized for his path-breaking work in comparative linguistics, with a specialization in Indo-European and Semitic languages. To quote the Harpur Hotline tribute to him (6/15/01), "He considers among his most significant works a Hebrew Grammar book that he wrote for his own students at Washington University, The Linear B Decipherment Controversy Re-examined (1964) and Indo-European and Semitic Languages: An Exploration of Structural Similarities Related to Accent, Chiefly in Greek, Sanskrit, and Hebrew (1971)."

This last work was followed by Semitic and Indo-European: The Principal Etymologies: With Observations on Afro-Asiatic (1995); forthcoming is the sequel to that.

A memorable teacher, Professor Levin has devoted himself to pedagogical issues just as he has to his scholarship.

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