Classical Studies (BA)

Program Overview

Classical studies is offered through the Department of Classical and Near Eastern Studies (CNES). The major offers coursework in the cultures of the ancient Mediterranean (Greece and Rome), but does not require the study of Greek or Latin.

Degrees Offered

  • BA in Latin Language and Literature
  • BA in Classical and Near Eastern Studies: Classical Civilization


  • BA in Classical and Near Eastern Studies: Classics, Greek and Latin
  • BA in Classical and Near Eastern Studies: Latin

Internships, research opportunities and more

Internship possibilities may reflect your larger interests such as a legal, medical, government or business, and could even include an archeological field school experience.

Study abroad is highly recommended.


Some courses to consider in your first year:

After You Graduate

A degree in classics provides an excellent launching pad for careers in almost any intellectually demanding field. For example, classics majors enjoy a distinct edge when applying to law school. But the degree applies across the board, from business to education to government to medicine (double majoring in biology and in a humanities field like classics can be a good strategy for medical school applicants.) In addition, this program emphasizes critical thinking and writing, and oral presentation.

Career and career field possibilities are vast, but include:

  • business
  • editor
  • grant writer
  • lawyer
  • legislative aide
  • librarian
  • public administrator
  • speech writer
  • teacher
  • technical writer
  • university/college professor