Glenn G. Bartle Library Tower - Lighting Request

Some Binghamton University campus structures that are lit at night with floodlights, including the Glenn G. Bartle Library Tower and the main entrance sign, allow the color of the lights to be changed from white to another color (green, purple, blue, etc.).

Binghamton University receives lighting requests for the Glenn G. Bartle Library Tower from organizations across campus. Lighting requests must be made through the form below. Lighting requests made verbally or in forms other than the Web form will not be considered.

Terms of application

  • Binghamton University is a state institution and has sole discretion over what lightings are and are not approved.
  • There is no automatic agreement renewal, and those requesting lighting must apply for each instance they wish considered.
  • The applicant/contact on the original submitted application will be notified if the application for lighting has been approved or denied. If denied, the reason will be given.
  • The maximum number of days for any request is three.
  • The lights will always be green on Fridays in support of Green Day Friday.
  • Binghamton University does not light its facilities for political campaigns or for personal events.
Event details
Have you previously submitted a lighting request for this event?
Are other events associated with this request?
If lighting is approved, how will you promote the lighting?
Contact Information
Terms of application: