Best Practices

Link Text

Use meaningful, contextual links

Links should make sense when read out of context. It's also preferable to place information that distinguishes the link at the beginning of the link. Note that our examples don't use real links.

Avoid the phrase "click here." Users on mobile devices don't click anywhere. 

Link Targets

Keep link targets in the same window

If users want to open the link in a new tab or window, they will. The more we let users control their browsing experience, the better experience they have.

Document Links

The mobile-first templates will automatically prepend a document icon to your link to denote the type of document you want them to download. Example (not real links):

Link Classes

The mobile-first templates have the following pre-defined link classes available for use:

Call-to-Action Links

"Call to Action" links are links that urge users to do something. They should be used when the point of your content is to drive the user to take a specific action.

Request More Info

Use these sparingly; don't use multiple call-to-action links on your webpages.

To use this format, apply the class "Call-to-Action" to your link.