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Gisela Brinker-Gabler


Gisela Brinker-Gabler's work has been on modern literature and thought, gender, knowledge and history, women's literature and political culture. She is also interested in narratives of exile and migration, the Jewish-German tradition, literature and memory, autobiographics, and romanticism.

Brinker-Gabler received her Dr. Phil. in German, Philosophy and Pedagogy from the University of Cologne in Germany and taught at the University of Florida (USA), the University of Essen (Germany), the University of Cologne (Germany), and as Visiting Professor at the University of Vienna (Austria). At Binghamton University she has taught courses on Modernisms and the Avant-gardes, Jena Romantics, Benjamin, Bachmann, Crossing Borders: Exile and Migration in Contemporary Europe, Literature and Memory, Auto/biographics, The Feminine-Figures and Styles from Medieval Mysticism to the Avant-garde.

Her most recent publication is her book-length study Image in Outline: Reading Lou Andreas-Salomé (Continuum, 2012), pb. 2014). Some of her recent are: "Bild und Wort: Andreas-Salomé und Benjamin" (Ihr zur Feier: Lou Andreas-Salomé, Medien-Edition Welsch [Germany], 2011); "Weiterdenken--Bachmann, the Public Intellectual" (Ingeborg Bachmann. Against the War, ed. Karl Ivan Solibakke, Karina von Tippelskirch, Königshausen & Neumann [Germany], 2012); and "The New Nomads. Yoko Tawada lesen" (Die Lücke im Sinn. Vergleichende Studien zu Yoko Tawada, ed. Barbara Agnese, Christine Ivanovic, Barbara, Königshausen & Neumann [Germany], 2014).


  • DPhil, Philologische Staatsprüfung (MA equivalent), University of Cologne, Germany

Research Interests

  • Modern Thought and Literature
  • German Literature and Culture from the 18th Century to the Present
  • Women’s Writing and Gender Studies
  • Transnational Approaches to Literature, Culture and Politics
  • Concepts of the “Other” and the “Foreign”
  • The Work of Lou Andreas-Salomé, Walter Benjamin and Ingeborg Bachmann

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Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae