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Welcome Statement 

The Department of Comparative Literature at Binghamton University welcomes students and scholars from all parts of the globe. Comparative Literature is a discipline that requires establishing dialogues across cultures, national borders, religious beliefs, and languages. Our faculty and students come from all around the world. Should new faculty and students join us, we know that they will continue this tradition of respect for difference and reflection on cultural diversity.

We urge students concerned about the effects of the January 27, 2017 Executive Order to contact ISSS, the International Scholars and Students Services office, directly. You may also want to check the following webpage for updates:

The page below includes links to additional resources, such as the Student Legal Clinic and the Dean of Students Office:

The City Council of Binghamton unanimously passed a “Resolution Affirming the City of Binghamton’s support of Immigrants and Refugees and Encouraging Programs to Foster Inclusion, Equality, and Cultural Development” on February 22, 2017. We are proud of our community.



Congratulations to our graduate student Jason Parry for having his article "Primal Weaving: Structure and Meaning in Language and Architecture"  accepted for publication in the Spring 2018 edition of the journal SubStance


 We are delighted to announce that Professor Maria Lugones has been honored with the Distinguished Woman in Philosophy award by the U.S. Midwest Society for Women in Philosophy. Congratulations

Olga Blomgren, our graduate student, has published two chapters in the anthology Fostering Habits of Mind in Today's Students, "Group Projects: Turning Students into Teachers" and "Reading, Writing, and Habits Reflection Essay." Congratulations

 Alumnus Steven Zani is the recipient of the 2015 Lamar University Distinguished Faculty Lecturer Award. Congratulations


 Upcoming Events

Past Events

The Department is proud to present a Dean's Speaker series in 2016-7. The first speaker, Yolanda Martínez-San Miguel (Professor in the Department of Latino and Caribbean Studies and the Program of Comparative Literature at Rutgers University), will present a paper "Terri-pelagoes: Transforming Colonial Overseas Territories through Archipelagic Thinking" on Wed Oct 19, 6:00-7:00 pm, in the IASH conference room (LN 1106). All are welcome.

The campus and community celebrated the life of Marilyn Gaddis Rose, who died November 2015 at the age of 85. Click here for more information.

World Literature: Premises and Problems, a colloquium, April 8-9, 2016 in LN 220, presented by the Fernand Braudel Center and the Department of Comparative Literature. Click here for the Program, or read the Pipe Dream report here.


 Undergraduate Program


Over the past 5 years (2010-14), 69 students graduated with a major in Comparative Literature.




Graduate Program


Graduate Student Blog

For news and updates, please visit our graduate student blog:

Annual Graduate Conference

Each spring, the Comparative Literature M.A. and Ph.D. students organize a graduate conference that stands out for its distinctive keynote speakers and international contributors. Typically addressing topics related to interdisciplinarity, the conference continues to attract broad attention from students and scholars throughout the humanities, arts, and social sciences. For more information on the annual graduate conference, click here.

British Women Writers Conference 2014

The 22nd annual British Women Writers Conference, "Reflections," was held June 19-21, 2014 in downtown Binghamton. Committee co-chairs included Comparative Literature Ph.D. candidates Angela Runciman, Kristine Jennings, Kerstin Petersen, Natalia Andrievskikh, English Ph.D. students Heather Dorn and Sanghee Lee, and faculty mentor Gisela Brinker-Gabler. More information about the BWWA and the annual BWWC is available at


Congratulations to Ross Lipton, IFK/Fulbright Junior Fellow, Vienna (Austria) 2016-17.

Anastasiya Lyubas has been selected for a doctoral fellowship with the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH) for Spring 2017.  Congratulations to Anastasiya.


Three students from comparative literature received an Excellence Award 2015-16 from the University Graduate School: Research: Rania Said; Teaching: Anastasiya Lyubas; Service: Marissa Sabbath. Many congratulations.

The department is very proud that three students received an Excellence Award 2014-15 from the University Graduate School: Research: Julia Ludwig; Teaching: Isabella To; Service: Anastasiya Lyubas

Anastasiya Lyubas is awarded full tuition scholarship to attend Mark Hansen's seminar, "Media Between Data and Experience," at the Summer School of Theory and Criticism, Cornell University, during June 15-July 25, 2014.

Natalia Andrievskikh is a recipient of the Saltire Scholarship for Scottish Literature at the University of Edinburgh for the Summer of 2014.

Angela Runciman received the University award for Excellence in Service and Outreach for 2013/14.

Natalia Andrievskikh received the University award for Excellence in Research for 2013/14.

Natalia Andrievskikh received the University award for Excellence in Teaching for 2012/13.

Kristine Jennings received the University award for Excellence in Research for 2012/13.

Kristine Jennings received the University award for Excellence in Teaching for 2011/12.

Laura Collins received the University award for Excellence in Service for 2011/12.

Tamkin Hussain received the University award for Excellence in Teaching for 2010/2011.

Erin Riddle received the University Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Service & Outreach for 2010/2011.

Graduate Student Papers

Jason Parry's article "Primal Weaving: Structure and Meaning in Language and Architecture"  has been accepted for publication in the Spring 2018 edition of the journal SubStance

Olga Blomgren has published two chapters in the anthology Fostering Habits of Mind in Today's Students, "Group Projects: Turning Students into Teachers" and "Reading, Writing, and Habits Reflection Essay."

Anastasiya Lyubas's article, "Lviv Re-fashioned: The Canvas of Translation/Mistranslation in a Contemporary City", will appear in a Special Issue on Spaces and Places of Translation in Translation: A Transcdisciplinary Journal, edited by Sherry Simon (Concordia University, Montreal, CA) and Federico Montanari (University of Bologna, Italy). Publication in 2015.

Natalia Andrievskikh's article, "The Taste of Fairy Tale: Consumption as a Theme and Textual Strategy in Sexing the Cherryby Jeanette Winterson", is forthcoming (2015) in Pacific Coast Philology, Penn State University Press.

Julia Ludewig's book review of Miranda Hickman's and John McIntyre's Rereading The New Criticism will be published in Modern Language Notes December 2014.

Natalia Andrievskikh's article, "Food Symbolism, Sexuality, and Gender Identity in Fairy Tales and Modern Women's Bestsellers", was published in Studies in Popular Culture, 2014.

Natalia Andrievskikh's article,"Construction of Memory in Exile: Objectification of Self in Autobiographies by Immigrant Writers" was published in The Universal and the Culturally Specific in Languages and Literatures. Ed. by D.V. Portnyagin. Kurgan State University Press, 2012.

Ken Roon's essay "John Rechy's Borderless City of Night" was published in The Idea of the City: Early Modern and Post-Modern Locations and Communities, edited by John Fitzpatrick, Cambridge Scholars Press, Newcastle upon Tyne (UK), 2009.

Alison Heney's article "Seeking the Ancient Spirit in Modern Art: A Comparative Consideration of Wassily Kandinsky, Jane Harrison and Virginia Woolf" was published in Issue 27 of the peer-reviewed journal genre: "Ancient and Modern Narrative" issued by the Department of Comparative World Literature and Classics at CSULB.

Alison Heney's paper, "Because the last room is his room': 'Bluebeard' and Ingeborg Bachmann's Malina," was nominated to be considered for the 2008 Horst Frenz prize of the ACLA. She gave this paper at the 2008 ACLA meeting. The prize includes a $250.00 gift certificate for books and a $250.00 travel grant to attend the following year's ACLA conference, as well as publication of the paper in the Yearbook of Comparative and General Literature.

Recent Placements

Julia Ludwig has been hired as Assistant Professor of Modern and Classical Languages, Allegheny College, PA, fall 2016.

Shelly Jansen has been hired as Assistant Professor of English at SUNY Delhi, fall 2016.

Beth Polzin has been hired as Grant Contract Administrator with the Research Foundation of Binghamton University, April 2016.

Kristine Jennings has been hired fall 2014 as Visiting Assistant Professor of World Literature at Appalachian State University in North Carolina.

Matt Applegate started as Assistant Professor in English and Director of the Writing Concentration at Molloy College in fall 2014.

Cheikh Thiam was appointed tenure-track Assistant Professor of French and African Studies at Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.

Kim Allen Gleed was appointed Associate Professor of English at Harrisburg Area Community College (Harrisburg Campus).

Amy Smith was appointed tenure-track Assistant Professor in the Department of English at Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas.

Jeongyun Ko was appointed Visiting Professor at the Department of English of Kutztown University, Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

Markus Zisselsberger was appointed tenure-track Assistant Professor in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at the University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida.

Ben Van Wyke, Assistant Professor of Spanish and Translation Studies at University of Purdue and Indiana, Indianapolis.

Dissertation Defenses 2009-2014

2014 Applegate, Matthew The Imperatives of Guerrilla Discourse: Partisanship, Power, and the Aesthetics of Resistance
2014 Riddle, Erin (TRIP) Domesticating Memory: Jana Hensel and Rigoberta Menchú in Translation
2014 Atamer, Esra Gilbert Simondon: Physical, Vital, and Collective Individuations Through Transductive Articulation of Sciences
2014 Jennings, Kristine Narcissistic Sensibilities: The Erotics of an Imaged Self in English and German Novels of the Eighteenth Century
2014 Nubukpo, Ayao (TRIP) Reconstructing Blackness: The Harlem Renaissance Movement (1920s) and Negritude (1930s)
2013  Mahasneh, Anjad (TRIP) Translation Training in the Jordanian Context: Curriculum Evaluation in Translator Education
2013 Palma Moya, Domingo (TRIP)      Writing the Stereoscopic and Cosmopolitan Future: Ariel Dorfman and the Interconnectedness Between Translation and Self-Translation
2013 Al-Ashoor, Arif (TRIP) Philosophy and the Politics of Poetry in Relation to Translation of Al-Mutannabi's Poetry
2013 Wang, Linda (TRIP) Translating Totality in Parts: An Annotated Translation of Chengguan's Commentaries and Subcommentaries to the Huayanjing, Fascicle I
2013 Beliakova, Natallia  Russian "Madness" in English Translation: Reading Dostoevsky's Madmen from the Translator's Point of View
2013 Alhossary, Riham (TRIP) Politics of Translating Arab Women Writers into English
2013 Ramirez Giraldo, Juan The Politics of Irony and Allegory in Postmodern and Postcolonial Discourse and in Contemporary Colombian Literature
2012 Morris, Jon (TRIP) Thanks for Nothingness: The Translators and Critics Who Brought Existentialism to America
2012 Dewey, Bryan The Key to the Garden of Eden, or, the way to Apocalypse
2012 Addrayhem, A. A. (TRIP) Culture in the Service of Another: Implementing the West in Saudi Literature
2012 Canete-Jurado, V. (TRIP) Translating the Myth. Theater, Ideology, Translation
2012 Miletich, M. J. (TRIP) Reading Gender in Translation: Translator's Intervention in Isaac Chochron's Pronombres Personales
2012 Sevik, G. B. Aesthetics and Modern Poetry: Mood, Musicality, and Imagery in the Poems of Dickinson, Hopkins, Trakl
2012 Gozacan, Gulru Species Being and Biophilosophy in Marx, Deleuze, and Guatarri
2012 Haber, Ana Ethics of Tragic Heroism: oral Autonomy as Lawgiving Rebellion in Kant, Hegel and Kafka
2012 Hwang, A. H. The Language-Experience: Experiencing Language


Latzo, Steven N. The Emergence of Latin American Subaltern Studies and Gramscian Dismay


Sabri, Yara (TRIP) The Politics of Translation and the Search for a National Identity: A Translation of Maha Al Qasrawi's The Cry


Kasap, Cagri The Anacoluthon of a Libertinage: The Question of Literary Value and Some Works of Phillippe Sollers


Jansen, Michelle For-Giving: The Economy of the Revenant




Heney, Alison Fairy Tales, Modernisms and Grotesqueries: The Art of Virginia Woolf, Djuna Barnes and Ingeborg Bachmann


Sak, Taras The Art of Escape: Herman Melville's Bachelor Machines, 1850-57


Mahoney, Brendan Thomas Listening to Things: Eco-Poetics in Wittgenstein, Heidegger, and Stevens


Lopez, Nelson J. Translating Salarruè: Cultural Evolution, Memory and Indigenuos Ancestry in the Savadoran Spanish of Today


Barbaza, Raniela An Orosipon Kan Bikolnon: Interrupting the Philippine Nation


Kabwila Kapasula, Jessie Transnational Feminist Agency in African and Afro-Diasporic Fiction and Film


Demir-Atay, Hivren Reading Beyond Psychoanalysis: Transference Effect of Literature


2010 Amorim, Lauro Blackness, Translation and the (In)Visible: Harryette Mullen's Poetry in Brazilian Portuguese
2010 Ertuna, Irmak The Avante-Garde and the Politics of Revolution: From Dada into Surrealism, 1919-1931
2010 Friday, Julia The Composition of Memory, Public Record and Archive: Czechoslovakia from the Prague Spring to the Velvet Revolution


Harris, Mark The Continuity of Readings: Thematic Approaches to the Short Fiction of Julio Cortazar
2009 Timmsen Amory, Carolyn

Human Vocality: Monody, Magic, and Mind

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