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The Department's special culture stems from a number of factors, including the high research profile of its faculty members and the fact that most of these faculty have full appointments in Comparative Literature. The Department's integrity as an academic program has allowed it to maintain an atmosphere where the highest levels of engagement and achievement are encouraged and supported. From the time of its founding, the Department has endeavored to give a progressive edge to its inquiry concerning the meaning of comparative literature and has offered its students both careful guidance and maximum freedom for their own efforts to answer this ongoing question.

Rosemary Arrojo, Professor of Comparative Literature

Gisela Brinker-Gabler, Professor of Comparative Literature

Jeroen Gerrits, Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature,  Director of Graduate Studies

Michael J. Kelly, Visiting Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature and Classics

Brett Levinson, Professor of Comparative Literature, Chair and Undergraduate Director

Maria Lugones, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature

Giovanna Montenegro, Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature and Spanish

Luiza Franco Moreira, Professor of Comparative Literature 

Neil Christian Pages, Associate Professor of German and Comparative Literature

Zoja Pavlovskis-Petit, Professor of Comparative Literature



Bill Haver, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature


Last Updated: 10/7/17