Accelerated Programs

Joint Bachelor's and Master's of Computer Science

What is it?

A program designed to allow exceptionally capable and motivated undergraduate students interested in pursuing research in the field of computer science to earn both a bachelor's (BSCS) and a master's (MSCS) degree in computer science (thesis option) in a five-year period.

Who is eligible?

Junior computer science majors who have a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher, a CS GPA of 3.5 or higher and have completed or are completing at least 6 CS courses and at least 4 math courses.

How to apply?

During your fifth semester, complete the application for BS/MS Engineering or Computer Science Plan form (available in the Computer Science Department office and in the Watson Advising Office). Students who are admitted to the BS/MS will be advised regarding the courses they should take. During the semester in which the BSCS requirements are being completed, submit an application for admission to the MSCS degree program (including GRE scores, letters of recommendation and a statement of purpose regarding research interests to the Graduate Admissions Office.

What are the program requirements?

BS/MS students will meet all the requirements for both the BSCS degree and the MSCS degree. BS/MS students will take 12 graduate credits during their third and fourth years. These credits will count toward both the BSCS and the MSCS degrees. During the fourth year, BS/MS students will take a 2-credit undergraduate course that introduces them to CS research and a 2-credit undergraduate course in which they will do pre-thesis research. During the fifth year, BS/MS students will complete a 6-credit thesis as part of the MSCS degree requirements.

When are the degrees awarded?

The BSCS degree is awarded upon completion of the BSCS requirements. This will normally be at the end of the eighth semester. The MSCS degree is awarded upon completion of the MSCS requirements. This will normally be at the end of the 10th semester. Students must complete the necessary forms, including the Declaration of Candidacy, for both degrees.

More information about combined BS/MS programs can be found on the Graduate School's Accelerated Degrees for Undergraduate Students page. 

Fast-track Bachelor's in Computer Science and MBA

The Watson School and the School of Management cooperate to offer a combined Fast-track BS-MBA Program, which allows Watson students to earn an MBA in one additional year beyond the normal four-year BS degree in Computer Science. Interested students should apply in their junior year, and can obtain more information from the Watson Fast-Track Masters in Business Administration Combined Degree Program page.