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This page describes lectures by visiting scholars that CICO has organized, or worked with other departments to organize, at Binghamton University.

Workshop on Guiding Learners to Higher Levels of Proficiency

Paul Sandrock, director of education at the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), will host a workshop from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Sunday, May 7, in UU-209.

Every language learner wants to be able to use the new language for real purposes. During this workshop, participants will experience tasks that serve to develop and assess learners as they demonstrate interacting in conversations and creating written messages. Learn how to gather evidence of and critically examine performance with both formative and summative assessment, so both learners and educators can reflect on proficiency progress. This workshop is ideal for teachers wishing to improve their students' performance in second-language acquisition. Lunch will be provided!

Links to the Workshop Handouts can be found here:

Binghamton ACTFL Workshop Handout May 2017

 STARTALK Model Curricula Samples

Interaction and Target Language Comprehensibility Tool - Glisan and Donato

Symposium on Ancient China and Korea

On March 5, 2015, CICO co-hosted a mini-symposium on ancient China and Korea, which featured lectures by Dr. Charles Sanft and Dr. Mark E. Byington on "Communication and Cooperation in Early Imperial China" and "The Unapproachable History of Ancient Korea."

The symposium was sponsored by the Academy of Korean Studies Grant, Asian and Asian American Studies Department, the History Department, and the Confucius Institute of Chinese Opera.

Charles Sanft lecture March 2015

"Communication and Cooperation in Early Imperial China," a lecture by Dr. Charles Sanft based on his book of the same name, combined received history, the results of archaeological excavation, and current secondary scholarship to argue for the importance of non-coercive government under the early empire.

"The Unapproachable History of Ancient Korea," a lecture by Dr. Mark E. Byington, discussed the problematic nature of the study of ancient Korea, with an emphasis on traditional interpretations of the ancient past of the peninsula and how popular views of that past often clash, sometimes violently, with current scholarship; how political interest can and does limit academic freedom in Korea and elsewhere; and how scholars might usefully navigate these troubled waters.

Mark Byington lecture March 2015

Dr. Xiaonan Deng

On April 24, 2014, Professor Xiaonan Deng of Peking University lectured on the women of the Inner Court Secretariat in the Song Dynasty and how they played a very important role in Chinese history. Attending students and professors were fascinated by her vivid presentation and knowledge about this interesting piece of the imperial culture of the Song.

Xiaonan Deng Picture but smaller file size


Dr. Lening Liu

On April 8, 2014, Dr. Lening Liu of Columbia University came to Binghamton University to give an engaging and highly unique lecture on "What is the 'Future' of Chinese Language?" At Binghamton University, Dr. Liu discussed the evolution of Chinese language in general and its futurity in particular. Dr. Liu studied syntax and discourse grammar at the University of Florida. Currently, he is the Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures at Columbia University and the director of its Chinese Language Program. Dr. Liu also serves as the Director of the Confucius Institute at Columbia University.

Lening Liu lecturing on April 8, 2014


Michael Cherney

On October 22, 2013, famous artist and Binghamton University alum Michael Cherney held a lecture called "The Sun is Not So Central," where he provided an overview of his artistic process and recent works. The lecture included a viewing of several handscrolls, albums, and other works. His art allows audiences to view modern China's environment and landscape through the lens of art history.

Michael Cherney fall 2013


Dr. Zhen Hai

Lectures_Dr Hai

On October 1, 2012, CICO invited Dr. Zhen Hai, Director of Library and Professor of Musicology at the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, to lecture on "Chinese Traditional Music and Dramatic Genres." During the lecture, Hai explored the traditional Chinese Opera and its Characteristics, traditional Chinese Opera music and its Characteristics, and tune structure and forms of the traditional Chinese Opera. 60 professors and students, attending the lecture, were awed by the beautiful images and music of Chinese opera and impressed with Hai's knowledge and passion in his studies.

2012 年 10 月 1 日,中国戏曲学院的图书馆馆长、研究员和博士生导师海震教授受戏曲 孔院的邀请,到宾汉顿大学讲《中国传统音乐和戏曲种类》。在讲座上,海教授提到中国 传统戏曲、中国传统戏曲音乐及其特色,也分析了中国传统戏曲的曲调结构和组成。60 名出席的宾汉顿大学师生被中国戏曲中优美的意境和音乐所感动,同时也深深折服于海教 授的渊博学识及研究热诚。

Dr. John Berthrong

 Lectures_Dr Berthrong

   On April 25, 2012, CICO invited Dr. John Berthrong of Boston University, a renowned scholar and an authority on Chinese religions and philosophy, to speak on "Boston Confucianism and Globalizing the Rudao." During the lecture, Berthrong explored the various and complex revivals of Confucianism in the 20th Century, including the partly ironic and partly serious notion of Boston Confucianism. Approximately 50 BU faculty and students attended the lecture.

2012 年 4 月 25 日,研究中国宗教与哲学的知名学者波士顿大学的白诗朗教授莅临宾汉顿 大学讲儒学,题目是《波士顿儒学和儒道的全球化》。在讲座上,白教授探讨 20 世纪以来 儒学复兴的不同学派及复杂程度,包括亦庄亦谐的"波士顿儒学"的名称。大约 50 名的 宾汉顿师生出席了此次讲座。

Dr. Joseph Lam

 Lectures_Dr Lam

On March 13, 2012, CICO invited Dr. Joseph Lam, Director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Michigan and Professor of Musicology in the School of Music, Theatre and Dance of the University of Michigan, to give a talk on "Music and Eroticism in Kunqu." During the lecture, Lam elaborated on the characteristics of Kunqu and explained why this form of art was especially appealing to the educated and the upper-class of ancient China. More than 40 BU faculty and students attended and enjoyed this educational and entertaining lecture.

戏曲孔院同时也邀请校外学者来宾大演讲。戏曲孔院邀请密西根州立大学音乐学教授、该 校孔院院长林萃青教授,于 2012 年 3 月 13 日至宾大讲《昆曲中音乐与情欲的描述》。在 讲座上,林教授除了分析昆曲的特点,也解释了为什么昆曲特别受到知识分子和上层社会 的喜爱。超过 40 名的宾汉顿师生出席了此次引人入胜的讲座。

Dr. Paul W. Kroll

Lectures_Dr Kroll

On April 28, 2011, Dr. Paul W. Kroll of University of Colorado at Boulder was invited by CICO to give a lecture on "Personal Moments in Medieval Chinese Poetry." Kroll is not only an outlandish scholar in medieval Chinese literature, history and religion from the late Han through Tang period, but also a prolific author. In the lecture, Kroll examines two Chinese poets from the late fifth century—Lu Zhaolin and Jiang Yan, through close reading and interpretations of their poems. Kroll believes the medieval Chinese poetry, like most self-consciously traditional literature, embraces learning, presumption, and intertextuality with ardor. 90 professors and students, attending the lecture, were awed by the beautiful images of Chinese poetry and impressed with Kroll's knowledge and passion in his studies.

2011年4月28日,科罗拉多州立大学的Paul W. Kroll教授接受戏曲孔院的邀请,到宾汉顿大学讲《中国中古诗歌中的个人情感》。Kroll教授不仅是美国从事中国中古文学、汉代末期到唐代历史和哲学研究最著名的学者,同时也是一位多产的作者。在这次讲座中,Kroll教授通过细读及翻译其作品,特别分析了两位初唐诗人,卢照邻和江淹。Kroll教授认为中国中古诗歌,像大多数传统文学形式一样具有自我意识,又具有文本互通的特质。90名出席的宾汉顿大学师生被中国诗歌中优美的意境所感动,同时也深深折服于Kroll教授的渊博学识及研究热诚。

Professor Xiaobing Tang 唐小兵教授

Lectures_Dr Tang

Accepting CICO's invitation, Xiaobing Tang, Helmut F. Stern Professor of Modern Chinese Studies at the University of Michigan, gave a talk on "On Experimentalism and Modern Chinese Printmaking" on March 3, 2011. During the lecture, Tang discussed the logic of experimentation at different phases of modern Chinese printmaking. As Tang showed slides of prints, he also introduced various experiments in artistic forms and concepts. More than 80 BU faculty and students attended the lecture and enjoyed this educational and entertaining lecture.


Dr. Ronald Knapp

Lectures_Dr Knapp

On March 2, 2011, co-sponsoring with Binghamton University's Institute for Asia and Asian Diasporas (IAAD), we invited Ronald Knapp of SUNY New Paltz, a renowned scholar and an authority on Chinese architecture, to speak on "Beyond the Gate, Beyond the Paper & Beyond the New Year: Evocative Ornamentation & the Chinese Homestead." During the lecture, not only did Knapp share his knowledge on Chinese architecture, but he also displayed pictures of people and houses he encountered during trips to China. The audience showed great interest; during the Q&A session, some of them made comparisons between Knapp's observations and the images of Chinese houses they grew up with.

戏曲孔院和宾汉顿大学的亚洲及亚裔移民研究院合作,邀请中国建筑权威、纽约州立新帕尔茨大学的Ronald Knapp教授于2011年3月2日至宾大讲中国建筑文化。在讲座上,Knapp教授除了分享他在中国建筑上的知识,也展示了他在中国做田野调查时所拍摄的照片。当场听讲的师生对教授的研究十分感兴趣,也分享了教授的研究和自身成长经验中认知的中国建筑之间的异同。


Dr. Elizabeth Wichmann-Walczak 魏莉莎教授

Lectures_Prof Wichmann-Walczak

CICO invited Elizabeth Wichmann-Walczak of the University of Hawaii to give a lecture on Sept. 14, 2010. Dr. Wichmann-Walczak is a renowned scholar and director of Chinese opera and she spoke on "Twenty-Five Years of Chinese Opera Teaching and Training at the University of Hawaii." 150 BU professors and students attended this very lively and inspiring lecture. The audience showed great interest in English-speaking students' learning and performing Chinese Opera.


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