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Chinese through Song Workshop 唱歌学中文学习班

singing chinese

This workshop will introduce the groundbreaking approach of teaching Chinese through song.  The participants (Chinese language teachers) will go through a step-by-step learning progression to obtain the basics of vocal techniques, including posture, breathing, voice projection, and singing expression. In addition, they will be trained to teach singing and conduct a chorus.


The workshop will be highly engaging and interactive. After a PowerPoint presentation of this innovative approach, participants will stand up and start to warm up their voices. Their roles will shift from choral singers, to soloists, to chorus conductors, and finally, returning to language teachers furnished with new approach and strategy. The instructor will demonstrate singing and conducting at the podium, but will mainly walk around to function as the “guide on the side,” rather than as a “sage on the stage.”


Each participant will also receive a packet of selected songs that are suitable for this purpose. They will walk away with the confidence and skills to improve their students’ pronunciation, diction, and language expression through singing Chinese songs and enhance their interests in Chinese music and culture.


Youtube link for Chinese Through Song Student Singing Recital 《唱歌学中文》学生演唱会视频

Chinese Cooking Classes 中华烹饪教室


At this workshop, not only will the participants learn how to cook Chinese food of different regions, but they will also learn Chinese terms of some food. This is an educational and entertaing workshop.


 Pictures of Chinese cooking classes in the past

Chinese Artwork Workshop 中国艺术和美术学习班


Maxine Rosenberg, Outreach Art Teacher for the IAAD at Binghamton University, has organized three Chinese artwork workshops: Chinese New Year Lantern Workshop, Painting Authentic Chinese Opera Mask Workshop, and Moon Festival Bunny Lantern Workshop for CICO.

亚洲及亚裔移民研究院里负责普及美术活动的Maxine Rosenberg老师,替戏曲孔院设计了三个有关中国艺术和美术的学习班:中国新年春灯学习班京剧脸谱面具学习班,及中秋节兔子灯学习班

In order to equip the participating students and teachers with better understanding of Chinese New Year, Chinese opera, and moon festival, in the beginning of the workshop, Rosenberg will do a multimedia presentation on the subject, including the origin and historical development. Then, she will show the participants how to make the artwork step by step. As a highly experienced art teacher, Rosenberg knows how to demonstrate the process of making an artwork in a vivid manner and lead the participants through each step.


Chinese Opera Mask Workshop PowerPoint Slides 京剧脸谱面具学习班PPT


We welcome opportunities to work with schools and local communities to promote Chinese language and culture and to develop understanding and stronger links between U.S. and China. With this in mind, we are offering these cultural workshops:

If your school would like us to run a language or cultural workshop, please contact Valerie Chou at or 607-777-3056. We are also happy to run tailored China enrichment programs for schools. So if what you require is not included in the list above, please get in touch and we will do our best to help.

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