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Client Confidentiality

All patient records are confidential; no information can be revealed or released to anyone, including parents or legal guardians, without a release signed by the student. Exceptions may occur if a clinical judgment has been made that an individual’s mood or conduct indicates the possibility of harm to self or others. Also, there are rare circumstances where a clinician may be required by law or by court order to reveal particular information about a patient.

In addition, all online communication between the UCC staff and our clients are conducted through the secure Online Student Health Portal, thus ensuring complete confidentiality of all information exchanged through electronic media.

The Confidential Release of Information must be completed and returned to the Counseling Center if you wish us to reveal personal information about your care at the center. This release specifies to whom and what type of information may be released; it isn’t a “blanket” release. In addition, absolutely no personal information will be communicated to patients or others via email. This type of information is given only in person or by telephone, after securing personal identification.



Last Updated: 6/20/18