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Tips on Coping With Anxiety Caused by the Current Iraq Conflict

As we continue to confront the new and difficult realities related to the on-going conflict in Iraq, our ordinary levels of stress, anxiety, and insecurity are naturally heightened. The following practical suggestions are designed to help you manage the stress associated with these circumstances.
  • Take it day by day. Stick to the academic work and social schedules that give structure to your daily activities. There is comfort and security in these routines.
  • Try to eat well and get enough rest.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Avoid excesses in alcohol and other such indulgences.
  • Limit your exposure to the emotionally draining impact of television war coverage. Is it really going to benefit you to watch the same bomb-, protest-, or riot-footage over and over again?
  • Spend time with people that you care about and do things with them that you enjoy.
  • Seek support and comfort from spiritual leaders and others in your faith community.
  • If you are struggling, talk about your feelings and ask for support from friends and family. If your mood, power of concentration, and sense of worry continues to be a source of concern, contact the Counseling Center and request an appointment to discuss these issues.

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Last Updated: 8/17/16