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We offer a variety of programs for your club, organization or event need.

Adjusting to College

Transitioning to any new experience can be tough, but finding your way in an entirely new place with entirely new people can be even more difficult. Adjusting to college can be easier with these tips. (Bring a friend, too!)


Anxiety is a normal human emotion that we can experience in anything from taking a test to making an important decision. It can cause distress or someone to feel uncomfortable in a situation. This session will discuss the "why" behind anxiety and how to handle it in the future for a healthier state of mind.

Assertiveness/Confrontation Training

Standing your ground is important, and the receptiveness of others is dependent on how you present yourself. This session focuses on positive ways to represent your thoughts and opinions, and making a confrontation a little easier to handle.

Balanced Eating: Basics of Nutrition and Eating for Health

Many students experience great difficulty finding healthy and balanced meals while away from home. Whether students eat in the dining hall or shop at the local grocery store, this program's information on basic nutrition will set the facts straight while dispelling common food myths. The program gives a practical overview of the core food groups that fuel our bodies. Students will be given the information necessary to make healthy food choices in any situation. Additionally, Binge Eating Disorder (BED) will be touched upon to shed light on a health issue many college students struggle with.


According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 1 in 10 US Adults reports having depression. This raises questions on our campus: Where can I get help? How can I help a friend? Can the University Counseling Center help? This session will answer all those and more.

Diversity/Cultural Issues in Mental Health

This session can be catered to meet the interests of any group. It will focus on the issues preventing mental wellness for all identifications of college student groups.

Fighting Pessimism and Defeating Distress

It's easy to get caught up in all the things that have gone wrong, but taking the time to focus on the great things can help squash pessimism and defeat distress.

Grief and Loss

Losing someone or something you love can be very painful. Learn about self-coping skills, as well as campus resoucres, who can help you through those difficult times.

Handling Break Ups

Eat all the ice cream! It's as good a start as any, right? The roller coaster of emotions we experience when we detach from a partner can be scary to navigate, but with this information, it will hopefully become a little less ominous. While dealing with that break up is difficult, you can learn tips and tricks that make the experience a little bit healthier!

Handling Difficult Emotions

Sometimes we are overcome with emotion, whether that be happiness, sadness, anger, confusion, anticipation, anxiety, fear, or disgust. This session focuses on ways to hone in on those emotions and teach the best coping mechanisms to handle them!

Healthy Relationships

What are the steps in developing a healthy relationship? What should my partner and I be mindful of? How will I know when I'm in a healthy relationship? This session will answer those questions and more!

How to be Happy

Happiness is something YOU cultivate! According to the Mayo Clinic, happiness is only 10% dependent on a person's circumstance; instead, science tells us that happiness is found when a person changes their thoughts and attitude. This session focuses on tips and tricks that anyone can implement to help them boost their happiness level.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Mindfulness, living in the moment and awakening to experience, and meditation, or turning your attention away from distracting thoughts to focus on your own thoughts and feelings, are great tools to reduce stress. Interested in learning? Our staff will use this interactive session to teach you!

Mental Health Awareness

Our mental health is just as important as a our physical health, as one typically affects the other. Take the time to recognize the many issues that may prevent a fully immersed experience and learn about the warning signs and how you can help.

Nutrition and Bingeing: How to Develop a Healthy Relationship with Food

A number of students have a familiar, but tumultuous, relationship with binge eating. Eating becomes a way to soothe stress and anxiety that result from school-related pressures. This program is designed to address the following topics: the common causes of binging, why eating is pleasurable, biological and psychological consequences of binging, and how students can end the binge cycle and have a healthier and happier college experience. The program also provides comprehensive information on how to eat a well-balanced, healthy diet, information that can be beneficial to all college students.


Do you feel like your best is just not good enough? Do you mull over papers or projects before submitting them, waiting for them to be exactly how you envisioned? If you answered yes, you may be mistaking working toward success for perfectionism. Perfectionism is a set of self-defeating thoughts aimed at reaching excessively unrealistic goals; while seen as an agent for success, perfectionism has recently been linked as an interference to success. Let this session help you transform your thinking to accepting your best!

Social/Communication Skills

We've all heard it: "Communication is key to success in our everyday relationships." Effective communication is a balance between our non-verbal cues and verbal sentiments. This session focuses on what you say and how you say it to deliver the most effective message.

Stress Management

A brief look at stress as a biological factor that will inform a discussion on ways to prevent or reduce stress in the college environment.

Suicide Awareness

If you're looking for a session that discusses ways to support students suffering with suicidal ideations, or interested about the common warning signs and how to help, this session is for you. There are two versions of this presentation - one for faculty and staff and another for students.

The Winter Blues

Lack of sun got you down? Find out exactly what causes the "winter blues," aka Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and what you can do to beat them!

University Counseling Center Overview

A general overview of the University Counseling Center, what services the UCC offers, how the UCC can help, location, times, and how to schedule an appointment.

Last Updated: 8/22/17